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What We Can Learn From COVID Weddings

While living through a historic event like a pandemic might feel like nothing but a struggle, there are more than a handful of lessons the experience has taught many of us.

Contentment with oneself while quarantined alone, patience with others while we’re trapped inside for months, and appreciation for every unobstructed breath we take are just a few. Those who have navigated wedding planning during COVID have certainly learned even more. As the pandemic slowly gets under control and life regains some semblance of normalcy, these are the lessons from COVID weddings we should keep in mind for the future:

What We Can Learn From Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Weddings Lessons New Bride Planning Advice Tips Tricks

Smaller Weddings are Sweeter

COVID restrictions and safety guidelines mean guest lists have to be much slimmer. Suddenly, instead of inviting every one of our Facebook friends, we’ve had to decide who we couldn’t imagine getting married without. But sharing a special day with only the people who matter most is something to be appreciated. After all, it’s not the number of guests you invite that matters. It’s who the guests are that makes all the difference.

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Focus on the Love, Not the Party

Along with smaller guest lists, gone (at least temporarily) are the days of all night receptions that keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning. There’s no disputing the joy that comes from celebrating with friends and family after the ceremony, but receptions, when you get right down to it, are after-parties. The main event is getting married! In post-COVID weddings, it might help to remember that receptions don’t have to resemble the party of the century, because the important part is already done.

What We Can Learn From Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Weddings Lessons New Bride Planning Advice Tips Tricks

Most Expenses are Unnecessary

There are so many aspects of weddings we think we’re “supposed” to have these days, but COVID weddings have shown us that most are extras. When smaller weddings are the necessity and saving money is a must, you discover what has to stay and what can easily go. Simple DIY decorations, a small dessert selection, and inexpensive clothing/accessories cut down wedding expenses considerably. Many couples have opted for wedding rings and bands that are much more economical, like those you can get from Modern Gents. There’s also been a rise in the popularity of backyard weddings, which leads to considerable savings.

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Every Moment Should be Treasured

When your wedding is the only time you’re able to see family members and you can’t hug them, you begin to realize how special all the days before COVID were and how precious every “normal” moment you’ve been able to spend with your loved ones has been. Sometimes the stress of planning weddings makes us forget what’s important; post-COVID, maybe we’ll be more likely to remember.

What We Can Learn From Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Weddings Lessons New Bride Planning Advice Tips Tricks

Less Extravagance = Less Stress

Many of us dream of big, flashy weddings, but with more pomp and circumstance comes more stress. There are a thousand more details to flesh out, much more that could go wrong, and frankly the financial burden can begin to feel crushing. Pandemic weddings have their own unique stressors, but when those are gone, many soon-to-be brides will find that smaller, simpler weddings offer so many benefits.

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Maybe We Focus Too Much on the Wedding and Not Enough on the Marriage

The number of wedding-related reality TV shows keeps going up. Everyone wants the perfect wedding, and we all love watching the drama unfold when, heaven forbid, something goes wrong. What all of these shows have in common is a heavy focus on the wedding, but once the wedding is over, the episode is, too. In truth, the wedding is just a blip in the timeline of a marriage, and while such a special occasion should be treasured, it doesn’t need to be the centerpiece. COVID has allowed us a unique opportunity to prioritize, and many couples have been able to give each other the quality time that would have been spent planning the wedding in a normal year.

What We Can Learn From Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Weddings Lessons New Bride Planning Advice Tips Tricks

Your relationship, first and foremost, is what matters.

A wedding lasts for a single day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime. Instead of putting all the focus on the wedding post-COVID, take a lesson from pandemic weddings: family, friends, and the love you have for everyone matters more.

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