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Which Engagement Ring Stone Shape Should You Choose?

Choosing your engagement ring is no easy feat. There’s so much to consider!

Size, shape, color, fit, the list goes on and on. The shape of your engagement ring can say a lot about a couple. Let’s take a look at five different ring cuts and find out which shape is right for you!

Round Cut

Woman's left hand wearing The Grace on ring finger

Ring: The Grace

Round cut rings are arguably the most traditional rings. They are timeless, and will probably never go out of style. A ring like this on a bride-to-be might show that the couple is more traditional and conservative.

Woman's left hand wearing The One and Only in silver on ring finger clutching dress

Ring: The One and Only

However, a round cut ring is no stranger to that signature sparkle, so this future bride loves the limelight just a bit.

Teardrop/Pear Cut

Woman's left hand wearing The Bliss set on ring finger touching hair

Ring: The Bliss

A teardrop or pear-cut ring says that a couple isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. It’s both curved and pointed, giving it a unique shape unlike any other.

Woman's left hand touching hat wearing The Scarlett on ring finger

Ring: The Scarlett

This isn’t your average couple by any means. They’re adventurous and fun but devoted to their significant other at the same time.

Princess Cut

Woman's left hand wearing The Olivia on ring finger

Ring: The Olivia

The name of this shape says it all. This ring shape alludes to the idea that the wearer will be pampered by their spouse. The groom is quite thoughtful and will do whatever it takes to see his future bride smile.

Woman's left hand wearing The Princess on ring finger

Ring: The Princess

This ring style may be especially flattering on those who have long, slender fingers, allowing the ring to shine.

Oval Cut

Woman's left hand touching hair wearing The Belle on ring finger

Ring: The Belle

Oval cuts have all the glam and glitz of a round cut stone with a hint of elegance. The wearer is allowed a more unique shape without sacrificing the brilliance that typically comes with a round shape.

Woman's left hand holding yellow flower wearing The Ava in rose gold on ring finger

Ring: The Ava

They give the illusion of a bigger ring due to the spread, but they may be more affordable. This makes it an excellent choice for a groom who wants to give his bride a beautiful ring on a budget.

Marquise Cut

Woman's left hand wearing The Cambria in rose gold on ring finger

Ring: The Cambria

A marquise-cut is similar to an oval cut in shape, but features tapered sides and pointed ends. A bride with this ring demonstrates her love for drama, theatrics, and everything edgy. They’re flattering on those with short fingers, making them appear long and slender.

Woman's left hand touching hat wearing The Victoria on ring finger

Ring: The Victoria

A couple with this ring likes to get dressed up and spend nights out of the town. You’ll find them in the VIP section of the most glamorous restaurants and bars, because, well that’s the only way to do it.


  • Carlotta Wilson

    I love the look of the Grace ring along with the forever band but I also love the whole collection

  • Tammy Smith

    I’m loving the Princess cut., but I love them all !!