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Which Holiday Should You Propose On?

The holidays have a naturally magical feeling to them – they're the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

But hold on, there's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day. Which holiday is the right one to propose on? Don't worry, keep reading and find out which one is perfect for you & your sweetheart!

Halloween 🎃🦇🔮

Is Halloween right for you and your boo? 👻 If you're a couple who dares to be different and is a lover of all things spooky and scary, this is the day you want to propose. Remember that just because it's spooky season doesn't mean you can skip on the romance though! Going to a Halloween party and getting down on one knee? Not very thoughtful. Make use of all the decorations and lights and come up with something more creative.

Proposal tip: Lovers of dressing up? Propose in costume! Dress up as your favorite character couple and then pop the big Q. However, if you're not sure your significant other would want the memory of being proposed to as a mythical creature from a foreign film, consider otherwise.

The Sofia and The Mia in front of a pumpkin and pine cone
Rings: The Sofia, The Mia

Thanksgiving 🥧🦃🍷

The ultimate reminder of thankfulness, Thanksgiving is a great holiday for family and loved ones to come together and cherish one another. If both you and your partner are extremely family-oriented (and lovers of feasts!), Thanksgiving would be a great option. Just be sure not to propose in front of family you just met – it might be a little bit awkward and uncomfortable!

Proposal tip: If you're going to propose on Thanksgiving, do so before the meal! Once everyone's stuffed, the tiredness will kick in and most of the family (and probably even your significant other) will be dozing off for that post-feast nap.

The I Do and The Promise

Christmas 🎄🎁✨

For many, Christmas is the season of giving. Is your sweetheart extremely kind-hearted, thoughtful, and always thinking of others before themselves? Turn the tables and allow Christmas to be a day where they feel extra special and get the chance to be spoiled beyond their dreams! If you're planning on proposing on Christmas, take a couple hours to step away from family and friends and spend some one-on-one time.

Proposal tip: Wrapping the ring up as a present? Have your partner open it alongside the other gifts! Make sure it's the last one they open though – it'll be more special that way.

The Lovely in silver
Ring: The Lovely

New Years 🎉🎊🥂

Ahh, New Years! Fresh beginnings and 365 more days of adventure. New Years is the start of an unwritten chapter. If symbolism, goals, and milestones are important to your significant other, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to pop the champagne alongside popping the big question. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to propose at midnight, either! You can spend the entire first day of the year doing something special and end it with the proposal.

Proposal tip: Planning on proposing at a New Years party? Maybe not. At midnight, all of your loved ones will be there and want to greet each other at the stroke of January 1st. If you want to propose at midnight, let it be just the two of you!

The One and Only and The Giselle in rose gold

Rings: The One and Only, The Giselle

Valentine's Day 💝🍫💌

The ultimate day of love, Cupid's birthday, a romantic's favorite holiday – whatever you call it, Valentine's Day is truly a holiday of romance! Is your partner a hopeless romantic who spends their free time watching romcoms and reading the latest sappy novel? Valentine's Day would be the perfect day to propose! It might be a bit of a cliché but hey, don't most romantics love that?

Proposal tip: Restaurants are extremely busy on this holiday. Try going somewhere a bit more quiet and private in order to pop the question. It's more intimate and will allow the two of you some peace & quiet.

The Scarlett and The Zoey

Rings: The Scarlett, The Zoey

Would you have a holiday proposal? If so, which holiday would you choose?