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Who Should Know About Your Engagement BEFORE You Post Online

Deciding how you’ll tell those closest to you that you’re engaged is a personal choice that depends on the couple.

However, one of the most important things is that you tell those closest to you first. You’ll want to do this before you post that killer #ringselfie to your social media! We’ve taken the liberty of listing out who you should tell before posting (in the order you should tell them).

Woman's left hand wearing The One and Only on ring finger in silver

Ring: The One and Only

Your Children

If you or your future spouse have kids, they are the first that need to know about your engagement. Their family dynamic will change, and they need as much time as possible to adjust to all the changes. Telling them first will help them feel more included, and allow them to feel like part of the process.

Parents holding their children

Your Parents and Grandparents

After your kids, your parents should be next on the list! If you live close to your parents, it might be nice to have a celebratory dinner to share the good news with them! If you live farther away, a video call might be a nice alternative.

Woman's left hand touching arm wearing The I Do on ring finger

Ring: The I Do

If you’re not on good terms with your parents, try to keep them involved by sending them a letter, text, or voice message. Of course, this is only if you want to include them! Not everyone wants to keep in contact with their parents, and that's okay. However, if you decide to do so, a wedding on the horizon is the perfect time for new beginnings!

Try to reach your grandparents before your parents spill the beans! For those especially close to their grandparents, it might be nice to schedule a special trip to see them and have them meet your fiancé(e).

Family with drinks gathered in a circle

Your Siblings

If your siblings are still living at home, you might be able to do this announcement with your parents. If your family is scattered around, schedule a video chat or phone call with each sibling to break the news. They’ll probably have much to say and they will feel quite special getting their phone call.

Woman's left hand touching her hat wearing The Scarlett on ring finger

Ring: The Scarlett

Close Friends

After you’ve checked off your kids and immediate family, it’s time to tell your close friends! Chances are these are the people who will make up your bridal party, so they deserve to know way before the masses! It doesn’t have to be limited to only your besties. Be sure to include anyone who would be hurt finding out over social media.

Group of friends posing for a selfie at the dinner table

Extended Family and Friends

After that, you can call all the extended family and friends that will probably be getting an invite to the wedding. Put yourself in their shoes, if you’re close enough that you’ll feel bad for not letting them know, send them a happy text with a ring selfie! It’ll check them off the list and they won’t feel left out.

Woman's left hand touching her hair wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

Now you can go public!

Post that beautiful #ringselfie and type up your heartfelt caption with just the right amount of cheesiness! Then be prepared for all the congratulatory messages that will come flooding your way 😉

Man putting The Amore engagement ring on woman's left ring finger

Ring: The Amore

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