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Why Getting Married During the Pandemic Can Actually Be a Good Thing

There’s a lot of negativity when it comes to the pandemic, and hey – we can’t blame anyone who feels that way.

However, despite all of the bad, there’s a little light of goodness still shining (at least, we like to think so). If you’re planning to get married while the pandemic is still in full swing, it might reap a few benefits!

Disclaimer: If you are planning on having a wedding, please follow your local, state, and federal guidelines accordingly. Be safe, wise, and conscious of yourself and loved ones!

The Bliss rose gold set

Rings: The Bliss

1. A smaller (guilt free) guest list

Sure big weddings might typically be the standard (after all, we’re sure you’re simply dying to invite your cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend who you met precisely one time and had two minutes of conversation with), but the pandemic cuts down the guest list by, well, a lot. Not only will people be more understanding, but it means that you don’t need to feel bad about not inviting every person you’ve ever talked to in your entire life. No obligations or feelings of guilt here!

The Belle ring

Ring: The Belle

2. The pandemic pretty much confirmed you’re with your soulmate.

It’s no secret that tons of couples, who went from having busy schedules and seeing each other for a few hours at dinner to being around each other 24/7, are struggling right now. You’ve probably even known a few of them who’ve broken up completely. But if you and your sweetheart have survived the worst of it and you’re still happy, thriving, and thrilled to get married, chances are you’ve found The One. The pandemic has brought out the worst in people, and if both of you have seen each other at their worst and still want to say “I do”, you’ve hit the love jackpot.

The Evermore set and The Titan in rose gold

Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

3. You’ll be saving money – and lots of it. Cha-ching!

Smaller weddings = less money spent! Not only are you inviting fewer guests, but you most likely won’t be needing things like a huge reception hall and a ton of catering & food. Plus, if the pandemic has taught us one major lesson, it’s that putting money away for emergencies and times like this are extremely crucial. One great tip is to forego the expensive engagement ring and wedding bands (which can run you upwards of thousands and thousands of dollars) and put that money in your savings. Instead, opt for inexpensive and affordable engagement rings & wedding bands. Modern Gents has styles that look & shine like a real diamond, but are only a fraction of the price. The pandemic has taught us about what really matters – and expensive jewelry is not one of them.

The Queen ring

Ring: The Queen

4. Growth. You’re smarter and wiser and all the better for it!

For many, the pandemic was a wake up call. You became painfully aware of how much money you were spending on silly things. You discovered who your true loved ones are. You came to the realization that some things are not worth fighting for, so why waste your energy being upset and angry over something so trivial? All in all, you became a better version of yourself. Not only will this help you with planning your wedding, but it will help you grow as a better partner, parent, friend, and loved one. It will assist you in all your future endeavors, big or small. Without the pandemic, you would not have blossomed into who you are now. Let’s cheers to that!

The Sadie and The I Do
Rings: The Sadie, The I Do