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Why You Don

Mawage is whot bwings us togedeh today!

(10 points to who can tell us where this reference is from)

Clergyman from The Princess Bride

In the literal sense, an engagement ring is a symbol of a formal agreement to marry.

But that doesn’t sound “wike a dweam wifin a dweam” at all, does it?
For most of us, engagement rings represent so much more - even for those of us who think we’re too smart to buy into all of that (🙋🏽). 

Why We All Think A Diamond is Forever 💎

In 1938, after taking control of the world diamond trade, hoarding all the diamonds, and selling them at a controlled price, De Beers hired a marketing agency to create one of the greatest marketing campaigns the world has ever known. Their brilliant plan was “to create a situation where almost every person pledging marriage feels compelled to acquire a diamond engagement ring.”

It worked and continues to do so.

It’s really hard not to subscribe this idea because not only has it been part of the zeitgeist for almost a century, buuuut omg celebrity rings, and the Bachelor, and your best friend, and everyone on instagram!

Woman showing ring saying,

That desire to want the same is totally natural thanks to De Beers turning costly rings into a psychological necessity. But you don’t have to feel obligated.

Here’s why you don’t need an expensive engagement ring:

Affordable Engagement Rings Got That Fire 🔥

Inexpensive rings are set with simulated diamonds that sparkle more and are literally flawless. reassures that “when cut the same way as diamonds are, a cubic zirconia will exhibit much more sparkles of colored light (fire) in the stone than a diamond will.”

Your Friends Are Not Gemologists 🔬

If you’re scared someone will say something, rest assured that friends might note the radiance, but they won’t be able to tell the difference. To figure it out, they’ll have to do scratch tests, heat tests, and shine a blacklight on it...😴

Man inspecting bracelet asking,
That’s kind of a jerk move, so if they do, you should call them out, and then congratulate yourself for making a sound investment and being able to pay your rent.

Expensive Rings Only Depreciate 📉

A car loses 10% of its value the second you drive it off the lot, and a diamond rings loses 50% the minute you leave the jeweler. That’s real. Priceonomics has a great article that explains why in great detail. Fact check us here. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach might dissipate more quickly if you think about how that’s not true for a $50 engagement ring, and even if it is, you’ve wasted more money drunkenly ordering Postmates.

Faux Diamonds Are Also Forever ✨

Low-cost engagement rings come with lifetime warranties and satisfaction guarantees too, like this one, so they’re just as forever as their pricey counterparts.

Affordable Engagement Rings Are Conflict-Free 😊

You don’t have to worry about whether or not simulated diamonds are Kimberley Process Certified (which doesn’t guarantee that the diamond was ethically-mined, btw) because they’re not mined, they’re made out of powder, using what I can only assume is magic, in a lab.

You Might Change Your Mind 🤯

Close your eyes and think of the wedding colors that you so hoped you’d get when you played M*A*S*H in the 5th grade. Ugh.

Even if diamonds were forever, taste is temporary.

If 👏🏽 you 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 cheap 👏🏽 engagement 👏🏽 ring, 👏🏽 you 👏🏽 can 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 new 👏🏽 one 👏🏽 whenever 👏🏽 you 👏🏽 change 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 mind!

Throw Your Diamonds in the Sky if You Feel the Vibe 🙌🏽

Bottom line: you don’t need an expensive engagement ring just because everyone else has one.

Shop inexpensive engagement rings here.