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Why You Should Have a Holiday Engagement

The holidays are a magical time of year to be with friends and family.

There is so much to celebrate, and since it's a season of celebrations, why not add one more thing to the list: your engagement. There are many reasons to propose during this time of year, and here are just a few of them:

Couple in holiday sweaters and accessories kissing

1. Family can be in on it.

Proposals can be difficult to pull off by yourself. You sometimes need a group of people to help make it perfect, especially if the proposal is elaborate. But even if your proposal is sweet and simple, chances are that you at least want someone to take a picture of the two of you, so you have a memory to look back on and cherish. The holidays bring families together, which means there will be more people around to help you pop the question.

The Amore ring on a leaf

Ring: The Amore

2. A more scenic proposal.

Part of creating the perfect proposal is asking that special someone to marry you in the most dreamy setting imaginable, and the holidays provide the perfect backdrop for the event. You could propose in front of a pine tree, surrounded by beautiful, twinkling lights. Or in front of a glowing fireplace with stockings hanging. Or in front of sparkling, snow-capped mountains. These are just some of the images you can use as the background to your proposal.

Woman's hand wearing The Belle hanging a Christmas ornament

Ring: The Belle

3. Always remember the day.

Everyone celebrates their wedding anniversary, but not everyone celebrates the anniversary of the day they got engaged. However, when you propose during the holidays, the date will always be easy to remember and will give you an added celebration each year. It can bring the two of you closer together as you remember the season in which you became engaged.

The Olivia ring on a leaf held by a woman

Ring: The Olivia

4. The family is already together.

After you get engaged, the first thing you want to do is tell everyone and celebrate! The two of you will want to show off the ring, and be with the people who love you most: your families. This is not always possible due to distance or other circumstances. But the holidays are a time when families gather together, which means that you can celebrate with family as soon as you get engaged! Not only will the proposal be memorable, but the celebration will be cherished by all.

The One and Only in a clamshell ring box

Ring: The One and Only

5. More opportunities to propose.

There are a multitude of activities that are exclusive to the holidays. Caroling, gift giving, and decorating are just some of the things that happen only during this particular season. You can seize the opportunity these unique activities bring to ask the most important question of your life to the most important person in your life. And because these activities are only done during this time of year, doing them will remind you of your love for each other and the memory of your proposal.

The Evermore ring on a tiny pumpkin
Ring: The Evermore

6. You get to start new traditions.

No matter which side you spend the holidays with, both of you will get to witness traditions practiced by one another's families. Getting engaged means the start of your own family, which also means creating new traditions together. One of these can be updating, or adding, wedding bands to your set each year. Modern Gents has inexpensive and affordable rings that sparkle and shine, and will last as long as your love. Not only will you get a stunning addition to your set, but updating your rings during the season of giving can also remind you of your proposal every year.
Woman's hand wearing The Lovely on ring finger

Ring: The Lovely

Proposing during the holidays, which are all about family, can serve as a reminder of the new life the two of you are creating, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.


  • Hannah

    This article was so good, and makes you think of the holidays in a different way and how much love is filled into them.
    What a perfect time for an engagement! Thanks for the article!

  • Joe Tyrrell

    This was a really good article. It made me think about the timing of when you get engaged in a whole new light. Very well written. Looks like there are some good ring options at Modern Gents. I’ll take a look. Thanks!