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Chances are, if you’re married or about to be married, you’ve probably heard of a fairly new trend involving travel rings. Modern Gents customers have taken our rings all over the world with ease! If you’re unsure about purchasing a travel ring for yourself (or maybe you’re still confused about the concept), check out this ultimate guide!

So first thing's first, what exactly is a travel ring?

Woman holding a pineapple drink wearing The One and Only

Ring: The One and Only

A travel ring is essentially an affordable ring that you wear in place of an expensive wedding ring while traveling.
Travel rings vary in material and style: you can find beautiful high-quality .925 sterling silver rings, silicone rings, and everything in between!

Why get a travel ring?

Couple's hands wearing The Inferno and The Rose in front of a waterfall

Rings: The Inferno, The Rose

If you’re the adventurous type, this is definitely something you should look into! This is a ring that you can take with you as you trek through mountains, zipline through the jungle, and withstand any water-related activities you take it through. And hey, if you do end up losing it – that’s $50 lost as opposed to $5,000!

Wearing an expensive, flashy engagement ring can also make you a target for pickpockets and thieves. When traveling, it’s common knowledge not to wear or display anything that might even suggest you have a bit of money – wedding rings included! Play it safe and leave your valuables securely locked at home and bring your travel ring along instead.

Even if you’re not too worried about getting your ring stolen, subjecting your expensive engagement ring to different weather conditions and giving it lots of exposure to different environments can damage it. If you’re planning on sightseeing, hiking, and doing physical activity, it might not be the smartest choice to wear such a sensitive piece of jewelry.

What are my options?

Couple's hands on a beach wearing The Titan and The One and Only

Rings: The Titan, The One and Only

The sky’s the limit! Despite what you may think, travel rings can be just as beautiful and sparkly as your actual engagement ring – they’re just a fraction of the cost. You may even find that you prefer wearing your travel ring as your everyday ring!

Travel rings are a great way to experiment with different engagement ring styles. It makes it possible to switch up your ring depending on your mood for very affordable prices. If you find yourself wearing your travel ring more than your real engagement ring, why not get several pieces to switch between?

Modern Gents has a wide range of unique designs, cuts, and finishes. There are options for every individual style, and the best part is each ring is extremely affordable. Check them out here!

Whether you’re looking for a travel ring or you simply want to mix up your look, affordable engagement rings are all the rage and are here to stay! Bon voyage!

The Hammer, The Grace, The Evermore, The Excalibur

Rings: The Hammer, The Grace, The Evermore, The Excalibur