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Winter Weddings: 7 things you MUST have

November 30, 2018

Winter Weddings: 7 things you MUST have

Winter - it evokes memories of childhood and the happiness of holidays, brings us closer to our families, and reminds us that magic does exist (if not in the ways we imagined in our youth). Weddings, too, bring that sense of wonder and togetherness, so why not make the most of the joy permeating the season by tying the knot this winter? If you’ve already decided that you’re a winter bride or groom, be sure to get these 7 must haves for your winter wedding:


Hot Cocoa Bar ☕️

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The perfect winter wedding requires the perfect winter drink. Forget about coffee and eggnog - what you want is liquid chocolate. Create the perfect spread by offering either powdered cocoa and hot water, or pre-made cocoa in a chafer urn, along with a selection of toppings. Marshmallows (shaped like hearts for that extra special touch), chocolate chips, sprinkles, candy canes, whipped cream - if it’s sugary and bad for you, it should go with hot chocolate. You also have a choice of disposable coffee cups or ceramic, depending on what aesthetic you’re after.


Throw Blankets for the Guests 🧣

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On a cold winter night, where does everyone want to be? Under a cozy blanket by the fire! Give your guests a little luxury by providing warm throw blankets to snuggle under while they share in the celebration of love and romance. Ambience is everything!


A Faux Fur Wrap for the Bride 🌟

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If your guests get to be cozy, the bride should, too! While most weddings feature the timeless gown, only in the fall and winter do extra accessories like wraps, coats, and capes make their debut. All are excellent choices, but for a true winter bridal look, faux fur is the way to go!

Snow 🌨

No matter where you live, or what the weather is like on the big day, a winter wedding needs snow. Even if you don’t have real snow at your venue, you can create a "wonderland-esque" image. Add a layer of “frost” to the decor, bring in fake trees that have artificial snow on the branches, or give the guests white wedding confetti that imitates snow. There are so many ways to make it happen!

The Soft Glow of a Warm Fire 🔥

When the weather outside is frightful, what makes life more delightful? A crackling fire! The warm glow calls to the baser instincts within us all - fire means safety, comfort, and togetherness. What’s more magical than that on a day of friends, family, and romance? A few ways to bring firelight to your wedding include a venue that has a fireplace, fire pits at the reception, or even a marshmallow toasting table using sterno cans.


A Horse Drawn Sleigh 🎁

We know - this idea might be outside the budget for some. But it’s your wedding! If you’ve kept the majority of the expenses down and feel like splurging on one special thing, this just might be it. Imagine the beautiful horses with bells on their collars pulling a snow white carriage or sleigh, and you’re sitting there looking (and feeling) like a princess (or prince). Now that’s a memory worth making. 


The Perfect Ring 💍

You have your hot cocoa bar, your guests are happily snuggled under blankets, the bride is ravishing in her fur wrap, snow is in the air, and the fire is glowing merrily. What’s missing? The most important part, the symbol of your marriage - the rings. But just because they're important, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on them. Whether you’re a fan of simplicity or extravagance, lead an active life or work in a challenging environment, Modern Gents has the ring to fit your wedding style, your personality, and your life. Start the search for the perfect ring here.

Nothing banishes the bitter cold like a warm heart. Gather together those you love this holiday season to celebrate a new beginning. Whether you choose to incorporate all or none of these ideas, remember that the only thing you truly need is what you already have - that special someone who will be by your side for many winters to come. ❄️💕

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