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The Top 3 Men

Hey ladies and gents!

Have any of you browsed for men’s rings lately and found yourself baffled by how different types of ring metals and price points there are on the market? There were probably over 10 different types of metals I came across while shopping around for rings and while they all look great in one way or another, there are definitely some distinctions to identify before deciding on which ring is right for you. Out of all of the different ring metals, these are the three that dominated the rest:


Titanium rings have not been an ideal choice for wedding bands in past, but are beginning to gain popularity for several different reasons. The first and most obvious reason, being that titanium is not a precious metal like gold, so it can be commercially produced and sold for a fraction of what traditional gold/platinum rings cost. Titanium is also much stronger than gold or platinum, measuring 3 times more scratch resistant than them both on Mohs Scale of Hardness Chart. This makes titanium rings the most favorable ring for individuals that use their hands to work or engage in other daily physical activities. Some people find themselves naturally attracted to these rings because they are considerably lightweight for how strong they are. Another random plus? These babies also are hypoallergenic (bye, bye, allergies!) 🤧

A common factor that deters buyers from these rings is the simple fact that they are not traditional or precious metals that are commonly used for wedding bands. Titanium rings cannot be resized or repaired which means they are typically not commonly found at jewelry stores.

Gold/White Gold

Gold and white gold wedding rings have been a classic choice for brides and grooms for centuries now, both for the metal’s rarity, and how easy it is to resize and recondition the ring after purchased. Gold is also inexpensive when comparing it to other precious metals like platinum and it is more scratch resistant. Gold is also versatile in the sense that it can be bought in different purity levels. 10K, 18K, and 24K gold rings are the most commonly bought rings with 24 karat gold rings being the ring with the purest amount of gold.

Recently, gold and white gold rings have seen a decline in sales due to new, more affordable options like titanium and tungsten carbide rings. These alternatives not only cost less, but the metal used in these options are also more durable and more scratch resistant than gold rings. Not to mention the fact that many of these gold rings are mixed with other metals like nickel to help give it more firm durability. Many people nowadays do not see the value in spending an excessive amount of cash for rings that do not hold up against less expensive metals. Batch that with the thought of having your ring re-plated and readjusted every 6 months, and it will definitely restrain buyers from purchasing gold rings.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide rings have gain popularity over recent years due to their extreme durability and the variety of styles available. This ring metal is composed of tungsten and carbon, together they form tungsten carbide which is about 10 times stronger than gold and is the second strongest material known to man behind diamonds. These rings do not have a tendency to dull or fade out like gold rings and are also the most scratch resistant material used for rings. As mentioned previously, these rings come in a mixture of styles that include different shapes, finishes, and even unique inlays you won’t find on any other style rings. And if you didn’t know yet, these rings also sell at a very small fraction of what gold rings go for. The price varies depending on where you shop, but generally speaking, gold runs at about $1000 an ounce while one tungsten ring can be produced at a much lower price. Like titanium, tungsten carbide rings are hypoallergenic so there is no need to worry about miscellaneous metals having a bad reaction to you or your skin.

Like any other rings on the market, there are some unfavorable things about tungsten carbide rings to consider. The first concern is that the rings cannot be resized or reconstructed overtime. Understandably, many people view this as a deal breaker for them because they hold their original wedding band with high sentimental value and could not bear to have it replaced in the future. This is a very small factor when comparing it to gold or white gold rings, which need to be repaired and re-plated every 6 months. The cost of this can easily pay to replace your current tungsten ring or even an entirely different style tungsten ring.  Unfortunately, the social nostalgia surrounding gold rings has conditioned people into thinking they need to spend a fortune for substandard quality rings.

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📝 Post Author: Jesse S.