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Writing a Successful Wedding Toast: Tips for Non-Writers 

A wedding toast is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for those in the wedding party.

You’re agonizing over what to say, what to leave out, what jokes are appropriate, and which ones are not.

Writing a successful wedding toast doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to have a clear vision of what you want to convey. That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together five tips to help you write an unforgettable wedding toast!

DON'T Bring Up The Past

Group clinking their champagne glasses with the bride and groom at a wedding

We’ve all seen those cringeworthy toasts. You know, the ones where groomsmen drone on and on about the grooms’ escapades in college. Don’t be that guy. Better yet, steer clear of any past relationships on either side.

Try to stay away from inside jokes as well. You’re speaking to a crowd of people, and if they don’t understand, they won’t laugh.

DO Talk About Their Love Story

Wedding party laughing at a speech given by groomsman

Feel free to talk about high points in the couple’s story. If you’ve been there from the beginning, you can bring up how kindly they both spoke about each other or any first impressions you remember.

All the guests will love hearing a first-hand account of your interactions with the couple. They’ll listen with rapt attention about how their love has grown over the years. You can mention a big hurdle in the relationship they both overcame, and how you’ve seen them bounce back from adversity. There won’t be a dry eye in the audience.

Include How You Feel About The Big Day

Three bridesmaids and bride posing for a photo

Don’t forget yourself! It’s okay to mention how you feel about the big day too. You can thank the bride and groom for including you in the bridal party. 

You might even be able to make a few jokes about the planning process and how the wedding has all come together beautifully. However, be careful not to talk about yourself for too long. After all, the day is about them.

Mention Those Around You

Wedding party clinking champagne glasses with the bride and groom

If you’re not a fan of the limelight, share it! Mention those in the bridal party and people who did things behind the scenes.

Put a quick blurb in about everyone feeling privileged to share the day with the happy couple and that you all love them. This way, you take the spotlight off of you and give everyone a small piece.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Groom lifting the bride's veil during the ceremony

Finally, keep in short. Your speech should fall around the three-minute mark, especially if there are any other speeches to get through. Any longer and the guests’ attention span will start to wander.  Keep it classy, and have fun!

Have you already written a wedding toast? What did you do to prepare?