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Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

Weddings can be extremely wasteful.

If you’re currently planning your dream wedding but want to be eco-conscious, there are ways to cut back on waste and reduce your carbon footprint! Check out some of our favorite tips:

Your Wedding Dress

Bride in a wedding dress on the beach looking at the ocean

You deserve to feel beautiful on your special day, and you can achieve it without having to buy something new! There are plenty of boutiques that specialize and sell pre-worn gowns, as well as consignment stores and vintage shops. Another sweet idea is to use your mother’s wedding dress, or any special woman in your life who may have held on to her gown. You can always alter the dress to your liking and to fit you perfectly if they give you the okay – the options are endless!

Your Rings

Bride and groom displaying their rings in front of a bouquet

Rings: The Titan, The Eternity, The One and Only

Being good to the earth also means being good to people. When purchasing your wedding bands, you should consider where they are sourced. Blood diamonds and inhumane conditions are not worth something shiny on your finger, hence why more brides are turning to simulated stones! These look and shine like a real diamond, but carry no bloodshed or guilt. Conflict-free does not have to mean expensive either – stores like Modern Gents carry a ton of beautiful and affordable wedding bands for you and your partner. Interested? Shop the full collection here!

Your Invitations

Blank neutral color wedding stationary

Invitations are usually looked over once, then thrown in the trash after your guests enter it into their digital calendar. Why not cut out snail mail completely? Though it might stray from being ‘traditional’, paperless invitations are quickly becoming the new norm! Not only are you saving the trees, you’re also saving money (which...well, also grows on trees). If you still want to stick to traditions, opt for recycled paper products, vegetable-based ink, and other sustainable resources.

Your Party Favors

Small wrapped party favor box with a tag that says "Thank You"

Let’s face it, most of the time favors are abandoned before the guest can even change out of their wedding clothes. Skip anything that uses excessive plastic or paper wrap. Anything edible is always a great option – it’s bound to be eaten on the drive home! Another great idea is to give away your wedding flowers! You can hire someone to section off and arrange your flowers into individual bouquets and send them home to your guests in reusable vases/jars. Take it a step further and consider gifting little potted plants (or seed packets for easy travels).

Your Catering

Colorful food displayed on a long table

The best way to really go eco-friendly on food is to have a completely meatless dinner plan. With plant-based meat substitutes soaring in popularity, depending on the dish, oftentimes you can't even tell much of a difference. If you still would prefer meat in your wedding menu, go local and organic. Ask your caterers to source locally grown products (think farm to table). Though it might be a bit more expensive, if it’s important to you then we say go for it! Something else to consider is donating any leftover food. You’ll need to speak with your caterers beforehand, but pay it forward with a good deed and donate any excess food!

Your Registry

Vibrant açai bowl in a coconut bowl

If you’re registering for gifts, go for items that are sustainably sourced and will last a lifetime! For example, if you’re listing dinnerware, go for coconut bowls or bamboo plates and flatware. When in doubt, ask for cash – maybe make it all digital and set it up online. You can’t get any more eco-friendly than that!

Reminder: don’t stress if not everything is eco-friendly.

If your dream wedding dress isn’t secondhand or you’ve always loved the idea of old-fashioned printed invitations, don’t feel bad about it! Any step you’re taking to make your wedding more eco-friendly is already a fabulous decision and will help a lot. Do what you can, but remember it’s your special day!