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Why You Should Pick a Wood Wedding Ring

October 10, 2018

Why You Should Pick a Wood Wedding Ring

What’s harder than finding the love of your life? Picking out a ring.

Clarity - Like, can you see yourself in it? Princess cut - Isn’t that a crime? Buying a diamond ring comes with a whole lot of questions, decisions, and issues (see our article “10 (More) Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Expensive Wedding Ring” for more on this). Why not take out the stress and choose a ring that’s as unique as your relationship, displays the beauty of nature, and is infinitely cheaper than diamonds? Here are the top 3 reasons you should choose a wood wedding band:

Wood Rings Are Environmentally Friendly

Picture a tree soaring into the sky, branches reaching out to hug the world. Now, picture a wedding ring on your comparatively tiny finger. The amount of wood needed to make a wood wedding ring is infinitesimal. Not to mention, many are made from pieces that have already fallen from a tree. If you’re looking for an ethical and sustainable source for your symbol of love, you can’t get much better.


They’re Inexpensive

For a diamond ring, you can expect to shell out thousands of dollars, even for a very small diamond. Wood rings are amazingly cheap, and for the price you get: 

- Durability: The wood rings found on Modern Gents incorporate tough metals, meaning your ring can take far more wear and tear and will stand up to everyday life better than other materials.
- Waterproof: Washing the dishes, playing in the pool, adventuring outdoors - your ring should fit in with your life. Wood inlay rings are sealed, meaning they’re safe from the hazards that come with…well, living.
- Hypoallergenic: Metal allergies make ring shopping that much more difficult. Our wood inlay rings are made with hypoallergenic, nickel free metals that make an ultra-safe alternative.


They’re Symbolic

Trees don’t die of old age; neither does love. Instead of professing your devotion with an expensive rock, show the true meaning of forever with a piece of nature that’s as beautiful as it is unique - no grain pattern in any two wood rings is the same. Trees are also a symbol of the interconnectedness of our lives, as depicted by the Tree of Life.

When you want a ring that honors nature while protecting its fragility, stands up to everyday life, and symbolizes everlasting life and love, there is no better choice than wood.

Take a look at the wood rings available on Modern Gents.

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