Unique Wedding Rings: For Those Who Dare to Be Different

Looking for a wedding band that goes against the grain a bit? Our selection of unique engagement rings for her and him are far from traditional. Modern Gents’ jewelry artisans have woven together a stunning mix of materials to create wedding rings that achieve a truly distinctive look.
Featuring natural elements (wood and abalone shell), unique ring styles (including tungsten, sterling silver and Damascus steel) and non-traditional center stones (simulated opal, morganite, tanzanite and other colored gemstones), these unusual wedding rings and bands are perfect for those who want a wedding ring as unique as they are. 
Each of these unique ring designs features a timeless quality of workmanship, crafted into a style that’s trending now, using extraordinary materials that you won’t find in your standard mall jewelers’ shop. When you see what we have to offer, you’ll understand why Modern Gents’ rings are the favorites of those who want a wedding ring that transcends the everyday. 

Unusual and Unique Wedding Bands for Your Personal Taste

Are you someone who wants more than a traditional engagement ring? Do you love to show off your personal style whenever you get the chance? From Art Deco styles to rose gold engagement rings, our line of unique wedding bands and rings is the perfect collection for you. 
This collection includes many of our sleekest and most powerful wedding bands, including the carbon fiber elegance of the Stealth and the rippling Damascus steel of the Valyrian. The Voyager brings a mystical feel with its entrancing abalone shell inlay, while the Aloha and the Marksman use wood and antler to channel the timeless, vital spirit of the wilderness. Although these are most popular as men’s wedding bands, they can look dazzling on anybody’s finger.
We also offer a variety of unique wedding rings and engagement rings for women. Every ring is lovingly crafted to produce a striking look, like the fairytale radiance of the Meadow’s round cut stone and leaf pattern design. Our selection is full of styles that will surprise and delight, including options that blend classic styles like pavé settings and with more unique and modern design choices like rose gold. Looking for a new twist on a classic look? Opt for a beautiful hidden halo engagement ring. Even if you love the traditional style of a solitaire engagement ring, you can find a single stone ring that plays to your unique tastes.
All of our jewelry pieces and ring sets offer a unique design, metal or material to really set it apart from your standard engagement ring. Whether you want a unique engagement ring to symbolize your love in an unforgettable way or you choose an interesting design for everyday wear, we are sure you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for with our selection of affordable engagement rings.

Uniquely Ethical Choices for Your Wedding Jewelry

Staying true to yourself also means taking a stand on what’s important to you. For many people today, that means making sure that your wedding jewelry is made from ethically sourced materials that you’ll always feel good about wearing. By using only high-quality human-made gemstone alternatives and zero conflict minerals, Modern Gents gives you the kind of sparkle that shines bright in your soul.
From timeless and classic to intricate and unusual, we make it easy for you to find the perfect affordable wedding ring set to reflect your personal style. Seeking some more traditional engagement ring and wedding band styles? Shop our wide selection of beautiful wedding rings and bands at Modern Gents Trading Co. today to find your ideal look, including classic ring designs in favorite materials like yellow gold, as well as stunning bridal sets.