Princess Engagement Rings Fit for a Queen

While a traditional round brilliant cut is still the best-selling diamond shape, princess cut engagement rings are a close second, and for good reason. The princess cut style gives the stone extra facets, which makes it sparkle even more. The square or slightly rectangular shape of a princess cut stone also adds a unique touch to the engagement ring and helps it stand out.

At Modern Gents, we offer multiple styles of princess engagement rings, ranging from the simple to the ornate. Like all of our other jewelry, our princess cut engagement rings are made from high quality metals and conflict-free materials. There are no blood diamonds here — just premium simulate diamonds that look and feel like the real thing at a much more affordable price point.

A princess engagement ring is perfect for the couple who wants something a little out of the ordinary but still likes the traditional look of a cut diamond. The square silhouette is clean and contemporary with a little bit of edge — a perfect combination. Choose from a simple, plain band to show off the stone, or add even more sparkle with a band channel set with even more gems.

Find The Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Ring at Modern Gents

To give you peace of mind about your purchase, Modern Gents offers hassle-free returns and exchanges. Whether you need to exchange it for a different size or style, or return it altogether, we’ve got you covered with our super easy customer service. Start shopping for your affordable engagement ring today!