Hidden Halo Engagement Rings Are a Brilliant Surprise

True love should never have to hide, but it can still hold some beautiful surprises. Case in point: choosing an engagement ring with a hidden halo. With a hidden setting of accent stones beneath the center stone, the hidden halo engagement ring setting is one of Modern Gents’ most popular choices because of how it pulls out the extra sparkle when you’re least expecting it. 

A hidden halo design is the perfect ring for your sweetheart if they love classics with a twist. Many of Modern Gents’ hidden halo rings have a timeless feel with a single shank and a large diamond alternative center stone. Look beneath, however, and the ring comes alive with an entirely new dimension, displaying a treasure trove of accent stones in a striking setting that’s only visible from certain angles.

The Claire offers a brilliant cushion cut center stone with a sparkling setting underneath, all in a traditional and oh-so-romantic package. For someone who likes a bolder look, The Kira’s pear-shaped center stone and The Camille’s dazzling emerald cut bring just the right level of distinction and refinement. Modern Gents’ selection of engagement rings with hidden halos also looks outstanding when paired with our collection of wedding bands and eternity bands!

Whichever hidden halo ring you choose for the angel in your life, you’ll find the same commitment to handmade quality and conflict-free materials that’s a signature part of every Modern Gents ring. Our rings are guaranteed not to turn fingers green, and they’re priced to be affordable for anyone who wants to show their love. Browse all of our hidden halo engagement rings right here!