Silicone Wedding Bands: Comfortable, Flexible and Safe

Work in a strenuous environment where you can't wear a metal wedding ring? We're talking about all the police officers, fire fighters, linemen, mechanics and those who work with their hands a lot. A wedding ring with a metal band can be inconvenient or even potentially dangerous in these jobs, where it can cause a devastating injury if it gets caught on objects.

A metal ring also might not be compatible with your lifestyle or your medical needs. Whether it’s pregnancy or vigorous exercise, there are lots of circumstances in which our customers are looking for a ring that’s stretchier, more breathable and more comfortable. 

Available in multiple colors, our small and mighty line of women's and men's silicone wedding rings are perfect for anyone looking to wear a wedding band in situations where it may not be safe to wear a metal band. We craft our rings from durable and breathable medical-grade silicone that offers amazing airflow and flex capacity. Your finger stays comfortable, safe — and, yes, pretty darn stylish, too!

Why Choose a Silicone Wedding Band?

Traditional metal rings may be beautiful, but they're not always functional — especially if you live an active lifestyle. Many different aspects of a person’s job and life can make a metal ring impractical.

For example, if you or your partner has a highly active and physical job, a rigid ring creates a risk of a ring avulsion injury. This scary injury, in which a wedding ring gets caught on an object and pulled violently from your finger, can leave your hand with permanent and severe damage. Jobs that involve working with electricity may also require a non-conductive wedding ring to prevent electrical shocks. 

Silicone wedding bands are also great for people who love going to the gym or live a more active lifestyle. Wearing a metal wedding ring while lifting weights can not only cause discomfort, but it can also damage the ring as well. During a strenuous workout, it can even put you at risk of a ring avulsion injury.

Medical needs are another common reason to switch to a silicone rubber ring. Pregnancy is one of the most common. Even if your old ring size used to be a perfect fit, many people’s fingers swell during pregnancy, resulting in a ring that’s uncomfortably tight. Metal allergies also prevent many folks from wearing traditional metal rings.

By switching out your metal band with one of our rubber wedding rings, you’ll still be able to still show your commitment to your partner no matter what activity you’re doing, and no matter what your medical needs are. A silicone ring works great as a backup ring that you swap in before you do certain activities, or as a primary ring for those looking for a simple, practical and hypoallergenic option.

Classic Silicone Rings for Men and Women

Silicone wedding bands offer functionality and variety to your existing ring collection. If you live an active lifestyle, or a metal ring won’t work for your body, it may be a good idea to swap out your regular engagement ring for a silicone ring instead. Not only do our silicone rings provide you with a comfortable fit while you do your activities, but they’re hypoallergenic, durable and non-conductive. That makes a silicone ring a perfect piece of functional jewelry for everyday wear, regardless of your lifestyle. 

At Modern Gents, we also offer our men's and women's silicone wedding rings in a wide range of colors to ensure that you can find the perfect style that fits you best. From sleek and classy black to bright and vivid teal and pink, we have a huge range of unisex designs suitable for every taste.

Modern Gents’ range of silicone ring styles is created to hit the perfect intersection of classic and contemporary. Some of our best-selling silicone models use contemporary features like beveled or step edge designs to create a tastefully modern sensibility, while our more traditional ring designs offer a timeless wedding band form factor that never goes out of style. Want to rock multiple color options, or express your commitment on several different levels? It’s easy, thanks to the stackable design of our silicone rings!

Feel comfortable when wearing your wedding ring by switching over to one of our silicone bands. A silicone wedding ring can be worn anytime, anywhere. Whether it's working out at the gym or rebuilding that top end, our hypoallergenic silicone rings have you covered. 

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