Elemental Elegance with Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The stunning, clean lines of an emerald cut engagement ring create a look that stands out — for a commitment that’s unlike any other. Modern Gents offers a full selection of unique emerald cut engagement rings, each featuring our signature attention to the elegant little details.

An emerald cut stone is a perfect choice of center stone for anyone who treads their own path while staying effortlessly classy. The step cut design is arresting all by itself, but get the facets in the light and you’re really in for a show! Each facet of our emerald shaped engagement ring stones flashes bright with its own illumination and brilliant colors, just like the many dimensions of the people we love.

The unmistakable elegance shines bright in every one of the unique emerald cut engagement rings in our collection. Fall in love with the irresistible splendor of the Alexandria, or discover the unreal brilliance of the Camille. Whatever you treasure the most about your relationship, an emerald shaped engagement ring from Modern Gents will help you hold it close — forever.

Our emerald cut engagement ring collection is made to stand apart, but it’s also made according to the same high standards as all Modern Gents rings. That means handmade quality rings made from conflict-free minerals so everything about your ring can be beautiful, including its history. Browse our full selection of emerald cut rings here and find the one that will mark the next chapter in your story.