Tungsten Wedding Rings: Ultra Durable and 10X Stronger Than Gold

Gold is far from the only game in town when it comes to contemporary men’s wedding ring options. For guys who want a more rugged ring with a fresh design and ethically sourced materials, Modern Gents’ selection of tungsten carbide wedding bands is the secret you’ve been searching for.  

These men's tungsten rings are some of the strongest and most durable rings on the market today. Our selection of men's tungsten wedding bands are 10X stronger than gold and designed for a sleeker, more vital look than the classic white gold wedding band. If blazing your own trail and following your own code is a core part of your life, tungsten carbide is a smart choice for a wedding band.

What Is a Tungsten Wedding Band?

Tungsten carbide is an ultra-durable and versatile material made from the rare earth metal tungsten. Modern Gents uses advanced technologies to mold tungsten carbide into jewelry that’s both incredibly sturdy and stunningly beautiful. Thanks to these properties, tungsten carbide bands are one of the most popular trends in men’s wedding rings right now. 

Tungsten wedding bands are masculine yet sophisticated. These hypoallergenic rings for men are perfect for grooms who want a unique look for their wedding ring. They’re harder and more scratch-resistant than even stainless steel, making them excellent for everyday wear as well as for more formal looks.

Another advantage of tungsten carbide is the wide variety of colors and finishes available. Black tungsten is our most popular choice, but you’ll find that our selection of men’s black wedding bands offers such an amazing variety of unique rings that your problem won’t be finding one — it will be choosing one.  If you are on the hunt for a men’s ring that’s unique but can also withstand the test of time, consider shopping our collection of tungsten carbide rings from Modern Gents Trading Co.

Tungsten Rings That Make a Statement

For a black tungsten carbide ring with a unique yet classy look, The Elite is one of our best sellers, with a rose gold inner band that makes it a great match for any of our rose gold women’s wedding rings and engagement rings. The Commander, meanwhile, cuts a dignified figure with its beveled edge design and razor-sharp blue tungsten inlay. Feel free to move beyond black, too. With options such as a brushed finish in rose gold, yellow gold or silver, we give every man the variety of choices that he deserves when he makes the ultimate commitment.  

Black tungsten rings also make an excellent setting for a wealth of beautiful materials. If you're on the hunt for something a little more unique, our Voyager ring with an inlay of abalone shell is the perfect ring that will turn heads. The Bourbon is built to be worn proudly with a wood inlay made from whiskey barrels, while The Marksman is made with an inlay of genuine elk antler — a ring for the man who loves to feel the timeless power of nature.

Find the Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we don't just make quality rings. We make men’s wedding bands that are both stylish and affordable for everyone. When it comes to your wedding ring, we don't want you to feel like you have to compromise — in your values or in your budget. 

That's why we offer such a wide selection of tungsten wedding rings and engagement bands at prices that normal humans can afford. Plus, whereas many jewelers who sell overpriced gold rings would prefer if you never asked where they source their diamonds and precious metals from, every one of Modern Gents’ rings is made using ethically sourced materials free of conflict minerals. 

These nearly indestructible rings are resistant to damage while still providing you with a comfortable fit day in and day out. Like all Modern Gents rings, our tungsten carbide wedding rings also come with a lifetime warranty protecting your ring against any and all workmanship defects. Need a ring size adjustment for a more comfortable fit? We offer a 60-day, no-hassle exchange policy on all of our rings.  If you're ready to bring home a stunning band, shop our collection of quality tungsten rings at Modern Gents Trading Co. today.

Not a fan of the tungsten band rings? If you're interested in other types of metals, we also offer a variety of affordable men’s wedding bands in several different styles as well. Explore the 21st-century elegance of carbon fiber, or check out our options for the most active lifestyles with our silicone wedding rings.