Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking for an engagement ring but don't want to settle for a traditional diamond look? Our line of unique, affordable gemstone engagement rings adds that extra splash of color you've been looking for. Choose from stunning options including morganite, opal, tanzanite, pink sapphire and emerald engagement rings that offer great affordable alternatives to expensive natural gemstones.

For any relationship that’s all about celebrating the beautiful differences, a colored stone engagement ring can be a window into the hue of your heart. Modern Gents has crafted our selection of gemstone engagement rings to offer the industry’s best quality at the most affordable prices, so that every couple can choose the rings that they’ll wear with pride for decades to come.

What Makes Our Gemstone Rings So Special?

Modern Gents’ splendidly unique gemstone rings feature a rainbow of colors to dazzle and delight, paired with fine jewelry designs that strike just the right balance of classic and contemporary. Each is made with durable and ethically sourced materials, including 925 sterling silver and rose gold plating, for enduring quality that will stand the test of time.

In place of the absurdly expensive and often questionably sourced natural stones that many jewelers rely on, Modern Gents uses high-quality, human-made gemstone alternatives. These stones are made to give you all of the dazzling qualities of ruby, sapphire, morganite, tanzanite and other favorite gemstones without an excessive price tag or ethical dilemmas to dull your shine. Great relationships build better worlds, and Modern Gents is proud of how we strive to contribute to both.

Make a Statement with Our Gemstone Wedding Rings

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of different wedding ring designs so you can find the perfect style that fits you best. Our selection of gorgeous gem engagement rings is perfect for the individual who loves to stand out in a crowd. Each of our brilliantly colored center stones is cut for maximum sparkle and classic elegance, whether in a solitaire setting or framed with side stones as part of an alluring multi-stone design.

Whether you go for a timeless opal colored stone or a vivacious simulated pink sapphire engagement ring is more your style, you can find it all through our online selection. The Halo is among our most popular models, with its simulated diamond halo surrounding your choice of round-cut center stone. Or, witness the unmatched splendor of The Lovely, with its enormous simulated morganite stone and rose gold ring setting.

Nearly all of these affordable engagement rings pair very nicely with our line of stackable wedding bands to create the perfect wedding ring set. With the impeccable handmade quality of these colored gemstone engagement rings and their variety of colors and styles, it’s never been easier to find your perfect gemstone ring.

Find the Gemstone Wedding Ring That Tells Your Story

Modern Gents’ unique engagement rings are handcrafted to let the story of your love shine through. If you’re seeking the inimitable flash of color that only gemstones can provide, our gemstone rings will bring the full spectrum of beauty to any finger. And because green is a color that belongs on a finger only if you’re wearing one of our simulated emerald engagement rings, remember that all of our rings are made with materials guaranteed not to turn fingers green.

Like every ring we offer, our gemstone wedding rings are made for a comfortable fit and come with a lifetime warranty. Sizing issues? Our 60-day exchange policy makes it a snap to get exactly the ring you need. 

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