Glistening Gold Engagement Rings

Is there anything quite as classic and eye-catching as gold? There’s a reason why this show-stopping material has been coveted by humanity since ancient times! The stunning tone and breathtaking shimmer of yellow gold instantly commands attention, giving off an air of sophistication, style and class! Showcase your love for this royal material with one of our gold engagement rings for women, available in a huge assortment of styles.

Durable Gold-Plated Engagement Rings

Because the material is still so coveted, gold can be expensive. At Modern Gents, we’re committed to producing the most attractive yet affordable engagement rings around, which is why we use 925 sterling silver plated in gorgeous yellow gold. These two durable materials will maintain their strength, beauty and style for years to come, so you simply can’t go wrong when you combine them. Plus, our yellow gold engagement rings look absolutely stunning on virtually everyone, especially those with warmer skin tones.

We’ve got gold wedding rings for women of all personalities here at Modern Gents. Go with a head-turning yellow gold solitaire ring (hello, The One and Only) or choose a style with additional stones for twice the sparkle. Regardless of which gold ring you choose, you can feel great about your purchase because all of our man-made diamond stones are conflict-free and hand-crafted. 

Ready to seal the deal? Don’t forget to pair your pretty gold engagement ring with one of our stunning gold wedding bands for women!