A Wood Wedding Band Is a Good Wedding Band

If you're looking for the perfect wood inlay wedding band, look no further. Our small and mighty collection of men's wood wedding rings is sure to help remind you of the good ol' outdoors. These men’s wedding bands are made of high quality wood inlays set in tungsten or stainless steel rings that are water-sealed for extra durability. Slap one of these wooden wedding rings on your ring finger and enjoy the feeling of an eternity-grade wedding ring that also offers a connection to the natural world.

Exploring the World of Wood Wedding Bands

A unique piece of jewelry will set your style above the rest. These beautiful and durable men’s wedding rings give off a natural look that’s great for everyday wear. If you're looking to do something a little less conventional than the standard metal rings, our high-quality wooden wedding and engagement rings will be your perfect option.

Each of our wood wedding rings begins with a stainless steel or black tungsten ring for rugged, lifelong quality. Our ring designers then add an inlaid wood band made from real wood and coated with a protective finish to keep it looking great for life. Like the heart of an old-growth tree, your relationship will continue to thrive and grow — and your men’s tungsten wedding band and its real wood inlay will be there alongside you the whole time, keeping it classy and speaking to the power of your love.

Take a look at all of the gorgeous wood wedding rings we have to offer! The Bourbon is a masculine whiskey barrel ring that summons the strength of whiskey barrel wood with its dignified oak inlay. Meanwhile, the Aloha pairs a beveled edge with a sandalwood inlay to give you a little free-spirited island character, and the Marksman creates a clean and classy appearance with its combination of antler and tungsten. 

Find Him the Perfect Wooden Wedding Ring

Our wooden wedding bands are unique and masculine, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or nature lover at heart. With their beautiful, rustic tones and unique design, these polished pieces of work truly showcase natural beauty in its greatest form. Whether worn as a wedding ring or styled as an everyday accessory, our wooden engagement ring is the perfect ring for everyday wear.

Every wood inlay ring from Modern Gents is designed for the man who speaks from the heart. Anyone who wants to be sure that their wedding rings are ethically sourced can take pride in wearing our ring designs because every single one is 100 percent free of conflict minerals. We also price our rings so that anyone can afford a beautiful ring made from high-quality materials — because, frankly, that’s what all of us deserve when we make the ultimate commitment!

A Men’s Wedding Band That’s Worthy of Forever

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of different types of men’s wedding bands so you can find the best fit for your unique style and personality. The abundance of quality materials and workmanship in each ring is made to give you confidence, knowing that you're getting a stunning ring that’s both beautiful and affordable. 

We also pride ourselves in giving you another kind of confidence: the kind that comes with knowing Modern Gents always has your back. With a full variety of ring sizes available, we’re here to ensure that you’ve always got a great fit on your wedding ring. Size not quite right? Our 30-day return policy makes it easy to swap in the perfect size. And, of course, our famous lifetime warranty always has you covered in the unlikely event you discover a defect in your ring.

Not set on the natural beauty of our wooden rings? We also offer a wide selection of different metal types and style choices. If you're interested in other ring styles, feel free to check out our full line of men’s wedding bands, including distinguished choices like Damascus steel, carbon fiber and tungsten wedding bands. Don’t forget to find the perfect matching piece from our women’s collection, including stunning options in rose gold and sterling silver.