• In the Beginning

    Hi! We're Mike and Myran, founders of Modern Gents! Back in early 2017, we were hanging out with our wives and had a pretty deep discussion about wedding and engagement rings. We all agreed that they were way overpriced, the shopping experience was overwhelming, and most rings were made with in-humanely mined diamonds. It was that very day that we decided to start Modern Gents Trading Co.
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    The Mission

    Our mission was to design and manufacturer high quality, hand-crafted rings made from non-traditional and conflict-free materials that are not only stunning, but extremely affordable. We also wanted to make the buying experience as easy as possible, and being the modern gentlemen that we are, provide the best customer service. This was the foundation that we used to build Modern Gents Trading Co and continues to be the DNA of our company culture.

How We're Different

It’s natural to be skeptical. Society has programmed us to spend a fortune on all things wedding related. The reality is, you shouldn't have to spend a ton of money on a symbol of love. Our rings are hand-crafted, beautiful, affordable and backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

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    We Stand Behind Our Products 100%

    When you buy a ring from us, our number one priority is to make sure that you're happy. If you have any issues with your ring, we will do our very best to take care of you. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which includes a Lifetime Warranty. Don't believe us? Check out our reviews (below).
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    Our Rings Are High Quality and Hand-Crafted

    All of our rings are made with high quality materials and are hand-crafted with precision. We take pride in our designs and ensure that we provide not only an affordable ring, but a ring that will stand the test of time.
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    Our Rings Won't Turn Your Finger Green

    Our rings are made of high quality materials ranging from 925 Sterling Silver, to tungsten carbide. You don't have to worry about your ring rusting or your finger turning green like cheap costume jewelry does.
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    Our Rings are Made From Conflict-Free Materials

    No blood diamonds here. We don't support inhumanely mined diamonds. We use high quality simulated diamonds. Simulated diamonds are man-made stones that looks just like a perfect diamond and shine like crazy.
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    We Offer Hassle Free Returns and Exchanges

    If you order the wrong size and need to exchange it for a different size, that's no problem. Change your mind about the ring and need to return it? We've got you covered.

What Our Customers Have to Say