Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Ring Sets

Looking for the perfect bridal ring set? Our line of beautiful and affordable wedding ring sets and bridal sets includes both an engagement ring and wedding band. Our bridal sets are made of premium 925 sterling silver with micron plating in rhodium or rose gold for extra shine and durability.

Our engagement ring sets are great for women who want a perfect match in their jewelry. With our wedding band sets, you can have confidence knowing your rings will be perfectly paired when worn together. Each piece of fine jewelry in our selection is unique yet timeless, making it easy for you to find your ideal ring.

Find Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

When it comes to your wedding band, you want to wear a ring that really symbolizes your relationship and commitment to one another. Pairing a wedding band with an engagement ring centers your commitment even further, offering two rings that are as perfectly matched as you and your partner! 

With so many options to choose from, you'll easily be able to find the shape, cut, size and design that fits you best. Our selection of finely crafted center stones includes a wide range of favorites like brilliant round cut stones, opulent princess cut stones, luminous cushion cut stones and many other choices. 

A top quality stone needs a setting to match, and that’s why Modern Gents’ selection of engagement ring and wedding band sets also includes some of our most impressive ring designs. Each shines with multi-stone brilliance, with side stones perfectly placed in the ring shank to offer a magnificent complement for your center stone. For those seeking a truly extraordinary radiance, our halo engagement rings include a breathtaking ring of side stones set around the center. 

We also offer several gorgeous choices of metal color for our high quality sterling silver rings. Get your ring plated in sumptuous yellow gold or trendy rose gold — or go with the natural splendor of sterling silver on its own.  

Ethical Excellence from Modern Gents’ Wedding Ring Sets

Your choice of engagement ring and wedding band is also about expressing your foundational values and outlook on life. For many people, that means making sure that your wedding ring set is ethically sourced and made. 

How could a wedding ring be unethical? Unfortunately, it’s all too common for wedding jewelry to contain gemstones and other materials mined by enslaved people in war-torn areas. These materials, known as “conflict minerals” or “blood diamonds,” are a huge problem for traditional jewelers, some of whom use intentionally murky supply chains that let them ignore questions about their sourcing.

Modern Gents has set out to change that for the better. Every one of our rings and jewelry pieces, from the simple elegance of our solitaire settings to the astonishing radiance of a halo bridal set, is crafted from 100 percent responsibly sourced, high quality materials. We use human made stones that give you all the flash and beauty you expect from a wedding ring for a fraction of what you’d pay at a traditional jewelry store.

Worried about cheap costume jewelry materials that will leave you with a sickly green finger? Forget about it — Modern Gents exclusively uses high quality materials like 925 sterling silver and rhodium plating that are guaranteed not to turn fingers green. If you're interested in more styles of women’s wedding ring sets, check out our affordable engagement rings or stackable wedding bands.