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Beautiful Flowers For Your Perfect Fall Wedding

Flowers are an essential part of every wedding!

The flowers you choose can bring out the natural beauty of the season, especially for a fall wedding. Fall color schemes provide brides with endless possibilities for their big day.

Let’s dive into five beautiful flowers that will make your big day one to remember.


Why: With their unique blooming pattern, these flowers are nature’s take on origami. Due to the dahlia’s large shape, it can easily serve as the focal point of your bouquet. It can also be mixed and matched with other fall flowers.

When: Dahlias are in season from the late summer to the early fall, making them a great pick for your fall wedding.

Bouquet of Dahlias

Calla Lily

Why: With their long petals and basal leaves, calla lilies make a great choice for boutonnieres. The various hues these flowers come in can match almost any combination of wedding colors. Calla lilies hold up well in a variety of wedding conditions, so you won’t have to worry about your flowers being exposed to the elements in an outdoor venue.

When: If they are planted in the spring, they’ll bloom in the summer through the early fall.

Bouquet of Calla Lilies


Why: Amaranthus has become increasingly popular in wedding backdrops. This flower has the natural ability to softly drape down the prettiest of bouquets and altars. It will add a natural and organic feel to your bouquet and can bring out the jewel tones that every fall wedding needs.

WhenThese flowers are typically in season between June to November.


Garden Roses

Why: Roses are the quintessential flower of romance, so why not include them in your wedding? They come in an abundance of shades and tones, making them an easy choice no matter the season. Including them in your wedding is sure to remind you and all your guests that love is truly in the air.

When: They bloom off and on from the spring into the fall, so they’re relatively easy to find. 

Married couple's hands in front of a floral bouquet

Rings: The TitanThe DesireThe One and Only


Why: For our brides interested in a rustic wedding, marigolds are the flower for you. Their bright orange and yellow hues will pop in any bouquet. Try pairing it with roses and greenery to breathe life into your flower arrangements.

When: Blooming from the spring well into the fall season, these flowers are sure to be a staple of fall weddings this year.

Marigold flower

Having a fall wedding strictly for the floral choices is a good enough excuse in our book!

Vibrant colors and unique flower shapes are perfect for the bride who wants a colorful, rustic, and charming wedding. Did you have a fall wedding? If so, what flowers did you use? Let us know in the comments below!