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Congratulations on one of the most exciting events of your life: getting engaged!

Now that the big event has happened, it's time to prepare for your wedding day.  While the wedding is about the two of you, there are many aspects of wedding planning that fall directly to the bride, and it can be hard to know where to start.  To help, here are some tips.

1. Set the date asap. 📆

While this may seem like a daunting task, setting the date will be the anchor of your wedding planning. You'll have a clear cut deadline and you can start preparing accordingly! We recommend setting your date no more than 18 months after you get engaged, that'll give you enough time to plan but will be a good enough time to move things along.

set the date wedding tasks planning what to do after engagement proposal new bride

2. Start shopping for affordable wedding bands 💍

One of the first things you will want to do is pick out a wedding band for your fiancé/e and one for yourself, without a hefty price tag. After all, you have an entire wedding to plan as well as the honeymoon! Modern Gents offers affordable wedding rings for both men and women. They are beautiful, come with a lifetime warranty, and with so many different styles, you are sure to find a set you will both love. And because shopping with Modern Gents is easy and affordable, buying the wedding rings is one thing you don’t have to stress about.

rose gold cushion halo engagement ring simulated conflict free diamond stone wedding bands set couples matching inexpensive affordable
Rings: The Evermore set, The Titan

3. Go wedding dress shopping! 👰

Not only are you probably thrilled to start shopping for your wedding dress, but this is another step that is important to do as soon as possible.  This is because your wedding dress will likely require multiple fitting and alterations, so the sooner you find one you love, the better.

wedding dress shopping planning tasks what to after engaged proposal new bride

4. Decide on bridal accessories 💎

There are so many options in jewelry when you are a bride. Of course the rings are a given, but what about earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet? Or a veil or a tiara? Deciding on bridal jewelry sooner rather than later means there is one less thing to worry about. In addition to engagement and wedding rings, Modern Gents also offers affordable wedding accessories! Bonus: getting your wedding jewelry from the same place as your wedding rings means you can cross off both things from your list in one place.

rose gold studded hoops bridal jewelry inexpensive affordable conflict free simulated gemstones

Earrings: The Ivy

5. Choose your bridesmaids 👯‍♀️

Whether you go with family, or your ride-or-die friends, choosing your bridesmaids is an exciting part of wedding planning.  It can also be fun to ask your bridesmaids to take on the role with a sweet gift, and it’s a great way to bond with people you love over an event you can't wait for. Choose wisely; the people you choose to be bridesmaids will be in your wedding pictures forever!

choose pick bridesmaids wedding tasks what to do after engagement proposal

6. Pick out bridesmaids dresses 👗

Deciding on bridesmaids dresses can be very tricky and stressful.  Everyone likes different clothing choices, and being the one in charge of these choices can become overwhelming. Picking out dresses you like early in the planning process can help make things less tense down the line as you get closer to your big day. Or, if you go the route of letting the bridesmaids pick their own dresses, letting them know in advance gives them plenty of time to shop around.

choose pick bridesmaids dresses wedding tasks what to do after engagement proposal

7. Find your wedding bouquet 💐

Flowers are a great way to showcase your personality, and the flowers you choose for your wedding bouquet are the most important flowers you will ever hold.  Picking these out early and paying for them in advance can be one less thing to worry about later. If you plan to do a bouquet toss but want to keep your actual wedding flowers, be sure to plan ahead and get a second bouquet specifically to toss.  You may regret tossing the real deal later!

silver traditional wedding bands set matching couples his and hers inexpensive affordable conflict free simulated round cut solitaire diamond

Rings: The Titan, The Desire, The One and Only

8. Start putting together your wedding playlist 🎶

If you are planning on dancing the night away, having a playlist of songs picked out early can help ensure that your wedding is as jamming as you want it to be. Plus, doing this early in the wedding planning process means you have one less thing to think about as you get closer to the big day.

wedding dance playlist tasks planning what to do after engagement proposal new bride

9. Take your engagement photos 📸

Taking your engagement photos is such a fun part of getting engaged, but they take planning. The location, the outfits, and the poses are just some of the things you will want to consider before going in to take the pictures. The more effort you put into it, the better they will be. You will especially want these pictures to look good if you are sending them out with your invitations, so take that into consideration.

wedding tasks take engagement photos advice new bride

Ring: The Grace

10. Celebrate! 🥂

In the midst of it all, don’t forget to celebrate! You have waited for this day, and the whole reason you are planning a wedding in the first place is to get married to the person you love. Make sure you take time out of the craziness to celebrate with your fiancé/e, and remember what the wedding is really about: the two of you being together.

celebrate wedding tasks planning what to do after engagement proposal new bride