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Searching for your perfect ring? You might be surprised to find that there’s more to the story than gold and silver. In fact, there are two unexpected materials you need to have on your radar when exploring your options — tungsten and titanium. If you are looking for durable jewelry that will withstand the test of time, these unusual options just might be your best bet. In this guide, we’re comparing and contrasting these excellent materials to ensure that you find one that feels like it was made for you.

What Tungsten and Titanium Have in Common

Tungsten and titanium are both stronger and harder than traditional precious metals such as gold. They’re also more affordable and easier to transform into unique and colorful designs.

Compared to more common precious metals like gold and silver, tungsten and titanium are harder and, therefore, better for people who live, work and play in rough-and-tumble environments. With that said, these two materials share a naturally lustrous silver-gray finish that can be complemented by a range of inlays and adornments to maintain their sleek style. 

If you are concerned about allergic reactions, these alternative metals are an excellent choice. Tungsten and titanium are both hypoallergenic, so they are safe for even the most sensitive skin. 

The best part? They ring up for a fraction of the cost of traditional precious metals. In other words, these materials have shaken up the jewelry industry. They’re both pretty fantastic options for guys looking for stylish, affordable men's wedding bands or fashion rings that break the mold and work well with several different colors.

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How Tungsten and Titanium Compare to Traditional Metals

Tungsten and titanium may not carry the same prestige as traditional precious metals, but they still offer benefits that make them perfect for men’s jewelry. Since these alternative metals are so durable, they are much less prone to scratches and dents than gold and silver. This makes them ideal for people who play sports, work with their hands or engage in other activities that could damage more delicate metals. 

There are a couple of potential downsides, though. For starters, bands made from precious metals are generally easy to resize. Tungsten, however, is unresizable, and the process of resizing titanium is extremely difficult. It requires tools many jewelers don’t have. And even if you find someone who can help, they will only be able to make it bigger or smaller by one-half to one size. If you lose or gain significant weight, you might be out of luck and need to buy a new ring.

Also, these materials do not hold their value like precious metals like gold and platinum. They will withstand the test of time, and you can absolutely pass them down to future generations. They just won’t have much monetary value. Of course, they will still carry a great deal of sentimental value. Just keep in mind that tungsten and titanium rings are not investments that will yield impressive financial gain. 

Tungsten: As Tough and Scratch-Resistant as It Gets

Tungsten is a tough, dense metal alloy known for its resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, scratching, warping and tarnishing. Tungsten is harder and more scratch-resistant than titanium, but this gray metal could crack under pressure.

Technically known as tungsten carbide, tungsten is hard, plain and simple. In fact, it’s one of the hardest materials you can get and is highly resistant to scratching or warping. Tungsten carbide is nearly as hard as diamonds, according to the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. That means that diamonds are pretty much the only thing that could scratch it, so tungsten carbide rings are perfect for anyone who tends to be hard on their jewelry. With hardness comes weight and, similar to traditional precious metals like gold or platinum, tungsten wedding bands tend to feel substantial on the finger.

It also maintains its high luster and beauty for years and years to come. As you can see from our selection of men’s tungsten wedding rings, this durable metal comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Shop tungsten rings in a range of finishes — including black, silver, gold and bronze — featuring a ton of unique textures and inlays.

Tungsten’s downfall is the same thing that makes it so great. The stuff is so hard that it won’t bend at all, which means it can become brittle and could even crack under pressure.

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Titanium: Perfect for a Little Bit of Shine

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Titanium is a strong, hard metal alloy beloved for its strength and resistance. Though it isn’t as strong or scratch-resistant as tungsten, titanium is lightweight and features a natural luster that won’t tarnish. Because of this, titanium wedding rings are extremely popular.

If you’re a fan of Sia and David Guetta, you already know titanium is one of the toughest materials around. So much so that it’s actually bulletproof, at least when shot at by most standard firearms — please don’t try it at home, though! Despite its reputation, titanium isn’t the hardest material out there. It isn’t quite as tough as tungsten, but it’s still a lot harder than gold and is, therefore, a fantastic choice for any piece of jewelry. Compared to a gold ring, you are much less likely to damage a ring made of titanium.

Titanium also differs from tungsten in that it’s naturally shinier and more lightweight. The weight of your wedding band is a personal choice, and you may prefer something with some weight or something that feels barely there. Give both a try and see which feels the best. 

If you’re in the market for a lightweight yet durable ring for everyday wear, one of our men’s titanium wedding bands is, undoubtedly, a top-notch choice. 

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Two Excellent Options

Let us leave you with this: Whether you go with a tungsten ring or a titanium ring, know that you are making a smart decision either way. These hard metals are extremely durable, and with proper care, they will withstand the test of time. At Modern Gents, you’ll find a ring made from these tough materials that rings up for under $50, so you don’t have to worry too much about making the wrong decision. Plus, all of our products have excellent craftsmanship, so you’ll be proud to show off your new ring no matter which one you buy. Grab one of each for every occasion and activity!

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