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Rings and Kids: Making Them Work Together

Parents: We can all agree that having kids makes life busy, messy, and fun. 👶🏽🍝🎠🍂

There’s a lot of moving on the fly, so it’s crucial to be adaptable, but more importantly, comfortable! With the seemingly insane lifestyle that is brought forth with raising younger kids, oftentimes, people stop wearing their wedding rings in fear of damaging their beautiful stones, losing something that is expensive, or simply because what once fit their previous lifestyle no longer is a good fit as they chase their little ones all over the place.

Child jumping in puddle

It is in the stages of early parenthood where parents decide to find a replacement ring that can withstand their day-to-day mommy and daddy duties, all while beautifully showing their commitment to their partner. Curious as to what options are out there? Here are three popular options for you:

Stone Alternatives

Smiling baby

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A lot of people fear losing their gorgeous diamonds while playing with their kids — it’s a valid concern! If you are someone that wants to keep that sparkle entirely safe, you have options! There are plenty of diamond alternatives, such as high grade cubic zirconia stones, that shine unbelievably and give the same look as a diamond at a fraction of the price. Simulated diamonds are just as durable as the real thing, but far more affordable, allowing you to feel secure in such a cost effective purchase. These rings are great choices for anyone looking to rock some serious bling on their finger!

Simple Wedding Bands

Married couple's hands wearing black wedding bands

Going exclusively with a wedding band instead of a ring with large stones is another great choice for parents. The simple and sleek design eliminates the fear of scratching delicate baby skin and makes it easier to keep clean. You may already have a wedding band, but buying one in super durable 925 sterling silver is great for day to day wear without wearing down an expensive metal like platinum or a delicate one like gold. Whether you prefer traditional silver and gold, or want to be a bit different with black and rose gold, the minimalistic band is in and here to stay.

Silicone Rings

Man's hand wearing black silicone wedding band

Silicone rings are all the rage right now, and rightfully so! They are perfect for people who lead active and fast-paced lifestyles where minimalism and comfortability are vital. While parents may not be lifting weights and hiking strenuous trails, lifting little humans and following tiny trails of footprints all day make them one step away from being a professional athlete! Silicone rings are sleek and stylish, but reliable enough to be worn in water, at the beach, or even the playground without worry of any damage happening your ring. Silicone is insanely comfortable material, not to mention hypoallergenic (bye bye allergies)! These rings are affordable, easy to replace, and available in several in different colors — they are the ultimate alternative wedding band.

A household with children brings joy and fosters memories for years to come.
Family playing in sprinklers

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With this happiness, comes chaotic mornings, food fights, and lots of adventures to the playground. Adding a few precious, yet messy family members to your home, doesn’t mean you have to compromise wearing your wedding ring. An affordable wedding ring alternative will allow for you to fully embrace both your children and the significance of your marriage.