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Tungsten rings are indeed safe to wear. Just like lima beans, tungsten isn’t intended for use in its raw state. However, after it has been processed, jewelry grade tungsten is perfectly safe for that finger. It has to be because it is designed for the long haul. Tungsten is ten times stronger than gold, so even if your lifestyle lends itself to a permanently cracked smartphone screen, the symbolic circlet will remain unbroken.

Tungsten carbide is an increasingly popular material for men’s wedding bands because of its durability. Tungsten comes in at 9 on the Mohr scale, which goes up to 10 (diamond). That means that it is scratch-resistant even if it rubs up against the tip of a masonry drill bit.

In fact, on account of their density and strength, tungsten rings can serve as a protective band for your finger because they aren’t likely to be bent into your flesh. And if you did take your ring to a place that had the equipment to shatter it, the fragments wouldn’t be toxic, something that couldn’t be said of a smartphone battery. 

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Tungsten carbide’s protective qualities aren’t limited to unbendable rings. Because it is stronger than stainless steel, it comes in handy for medical equipment. In surgery, the hardiness of the material isn’t just symbolic but lifesaving, which is why forceps often have tungsten carbide inserts in the tips.

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Featured: The Excalibur - Silver

In tungsten jewelry, that inner strength translates to an outer beauty. Tungsten rings for men are often the shiniest option because the shine literally doesn’t wear off the scratch-resistant surface. That doesn’t mean that you are absolved of cleaning your ring. If potentially harmful gunk gets stuck between the tungsten band and the skin of your finger, cleaning your hands and ring are imperative. Your tungsten ring might not be self-cleaning, but when it comes to sturdy polish and preventative maintenance, tungsten does a lot of the heavy lifting. 

On top of that, tungsten is one of the most affordable metals out there. There’s more of it, and it’s simply less likely to break. And, of course, we also back our rings with a lifetime guarantee a no-hassle exchange policy.

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So why haven’t tungsten rings been more popular throughout the ages? The world’s strongest natural metal was only properly identified within the last three hundred years and, for half that time, the technology simply wasn’t there to properly render it. Even if they had the raw material, those wig-wearing jewelers wouldn’t have been able to infuse carbide powders into tungsten at 2800 degrees any more than they could convert raw petroleum into a tennis racquet. 

Tungsten carbide has only been around since a German lightbulb company patented the process in the 1920s. Without that carbon, the material was too brittle to viably shape.

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Featured: The Hammer and The Claire

Now that we have the technology and the equipment, we aren’t limited to wooden handles or golden rings. Though, now that you mention it, if you want the color of rose gold or texture of a wooden inlay, our hypoallergenic tungsten carbide catalog supports those options as well. We’ve even got tungsten rings that incorporate elk antlter and abalone shell if you’d like a bit of ocean depths or far-flung frontier — all in the full range of sizes and guaranteed to rep a man’s married status equally well at the construction site or a fancy brunch.

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