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The Olivia - Rose Gold

Featured: The Olivia - Rose Gold

Princess and round cuts are both toward the top of the popularity scale year in and year out. Both are classic looks that have a wide variety of styles and look great on lots of people. If you’re stuck between these two, there are a few determining factors that might help you make that final decision.

Princess Cut Overview

A princess cut ring looks like an inverted pyramid, basically. Square on the top, it’s a simple and classic look that won’t go out of style. Princess cuts are defined by sharp, angular lines and offer a “stronger” silhouette.

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Round Cut Overview

Round engagement rings, much like princess cut rings, have that classic design that allows them stylistic staying power. Trends may come and go, but a simple round cut will always look good. The simple round cut allows it to catch the light well and really get that sparkly look that it’s known for. Round cuts are consistently the most popular cut and tend to offer more variety for shoppers.

Choosing the Right Cut

The name of the game here is balance. You want a ring that complements your hand shape. Unlike aviator sunglasses, there’s no one ring cut that looks good on everyone, so choose wisely.

The One and Only - Gold

Featured: The One and Only - Gold

General Style Rules

Much like oval face shapes and hairstyles, people with long fingers have a greater variety of options for ring cuts. If you have long and thin fingers, you have the greatest style leeway. Granted, if you have slender fingers, you want to be careful not to pick too large of a design, even if you have larger hands, as you may overpower your fingers.

If you have shorter or wider fingers, you still have plenty of options. You want longer styles that help you visually elongate your fingers. For wide fingers, pick a wider design. Smaller stones will only make your fingers look wider, since you’ll see too much skin on each side of the stone.

As a rule, keep the size of your ring proportionate to the size of your hands as a starting point and work from there in choosing the specific style you want.

Who Should Consider a Princess Cut?

Those Looking for a Bigger Rock

If you want something that looks larger (though it actually isn’t), then a princess cut is the way to go. While a comparable stone in a princess cut is smaller than a round one, the square table (top of the stone) makes it appear larger than its round counterparts.

If You Don’t Wear Flowy Clothing

Okay, that’s a bit hyperbolic. The general idea, though, is that due to the four corners on a princess cut, it’s easier to snag your ring on clothes or blankets. If that’s something that could be a problem for you, princess cuts may not be the best choice.

Bolder Styles

While still a classic cut, the princess cut is definitely the bolder of the two. With strong, angled lines, this is a more deliberate style that suits the fashion-forward who still lean toward the classics.

Who Should Consider a Round Cut?

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Featured: The Chelsea, The Promise and The Zoey

Those with Classic Style Leanings

There’s nothing more classic or timeless than round cut engagement rings. If you care about style longevity, the world will end before the round cut goes out of style. This is a ring guaranteed to look as good now as it will in 25 years.

Small Hands

If you have smaller hands, a bold or complex design can overshadow them and look out of place. A simple, small round cut will suit smaller hands perfectly.

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Active Lifestyles

Yes, you really want to take off your ring in scenarios where you may damage it. However, if you’re constantly on the go, a round cut is going to hold up a little better due to its lack of corners.

Whichever you choose, both of these classic styles have lots of variability and options that will look good well into your ring’s “vintage” years!

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