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the alexandria engagement ring

If you’ve got small mitts, you might find sizing jewelry to be a bit of a challenge. On one hand, pun not intended but inevitable, smaller fingers can really make a more subdued rock pop, which can be a great asset. On the other hand, something too large or too heavy can feel uncomfortable and look visually overwhelming. Landing on the perfect ring for small hands really comes down to finding that perfect medium between big and small. But don’t stress, because we’re here to help with a great selection of pretty and affordable engagement rings!

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Tip: Go for a Lightweight Metal – You don’t want a ring so heavy your hand feels weighed down. Some metals are heavier than others, so make sure to keep this in mind while ring shopping. Opt for a sterling silver or titanium ring, as these are among the lighter precious metals used in jewelry.

1. The Alexandria

The Alexandria engagement ring features a 1.5-carat emerald cut stone to help lengthen your fingers. At the same time, it features a slim 2.5-millimeter band with dainty stones for ample sparkle that won’t overwhelm.

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Tip: Go for an Oblong Stone – If you want to find ways to elongate your fingers, try an oval, pear or marquise-shaped stone. These pretty oblong shapes create a more linear aesthetic, helping to lengthen the look of fingers.

The Cambria

2. The Cambria

Combining a sleek, minimalist band with a delicate 1-carat marquise center stone, the Cambria ring in rose gold is the perfect option for any wearer with small hands. It also comes in a stunning silver option if you prefer a more classic look.

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The Ava

3. The Ava

Like the Cambria, the Ava honors a classic, minimalist aesthetic with a solitaire center stone. This time, we’ve paired a slim band with a dainty oval-shaped center stone to help create length and intrigue on your finger. This one is also available in your choice of rose gold or sterling silver for the perfect fit.

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Tip: Try a Slim, Stacking Style – Are you loving the dainty stacking ring trend as much as we are? We’re especially crazy about this style for our small-handed friends. Slim, delicate bands are small and subtle, so they won’t overwhelm the finger or look too big. Stack a slim band with one of our stunning slim solitaire rings for the perfect look.

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The Forever

4. The Forever

Who says your engagement ring has to feature a great, big stone? Stacking engagement rings are becoming more popular than ever. The Forever makes the perfect contender for your unconventional engagement ring. You can also style it with any one of our petite engagement rings for a more classic. The Forever ring is available in a classic, sterling silver band or a stunning rose gold option.

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Tip: Go Minimalist – If you’ve got small hands, you don’t want to go for anything too big, bold or over-the-top. Instead, try one of our minimalist engagement rings. You’ll notice that the sleek, simpler style complements your finger shape and size rather than accentuates it.

The Layla

5. The Layla

Looking for a simple stunner? Meet Layla! This gorgeous minimalist solitaire features a show-stopping square cushion cut center stone with an unadorned sterling silver band to tie it all together. The Layla is available in a rose gold band as well!

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Wear What You Love

At the end of the day, you should choose a ring that you absolutely adore and want to look at each and every day! As long as you love the way it looks and it represents your love for your partner, you’re on the right track. Shopping for engagement rings at Modern Gents is an awesome way to go because we offer free, easy returns, so if something doesn’t feel quite right, you can always swap it out.

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