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Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to put your other rings away.  Whether you’ve got sentimental value in multiple rings or just like the look, having a few rings on is a great way to easily spice up any outfit. 

Should You Wear Multiple Rings?

Some shy away from wearing multiple rings because they think it’s tacky. While you can definitely go too far (eight rings on one hand does seem a bit much), you can also wear multiple rings quite tastefully if you’re deliberate about it. In short, if you want to, go for it!

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Why Would You Wear Multiple Rings?

There are two main reasons: style and sentiment. The multiple ring look is definitely a popular style, so why not try it out and see if it’s for you? The sentiment aspect is also a strong candidate, though, especially if you’re getting married. If you have an engagement ring and a ring that holds significance (e.g., a family heirloom), you don’t have to pick between the two!

How to Wear Multiple Rings

Focus on Symmetry

Yes, you want to vary your sizes and styles (more on that in a second), but you don’t want to go crazy. Varying ring sizes can provide a lot of stylistic depth, but there’s a law of diminishing returns. If you’ve got a super bowl ring and 1-centimeter-wide band on the same hand, it’s just not a good look. Cool that you’ve got a super bowl ring, though.

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Make Sure They’re Complementary

Notice we said complementary and not matching. While multiple rings of the same color are fine if it’s a classic and simple color like gold, it doesn’t work for every color. Even with a classic like gold, you’re better off varying designs and textures to get a bit more visual intrigue. You can have four of the same gold band on at once if you like, but it’s probably not the best choice.

Stack Them

The simplest way to wear multiple rings is to buy ring sets, like stackable wedding bands, that are made to all go together. Along those same lines, bridal sets get you started with multiple rings perfect for daily wear. 

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Stackable wedding bands and bridal sets are both great choices if you aren’t fully comfortable with multiple rings yet and need a little extra style help to get you started. Once you’ve worn your stackable rings for a while, you can adjust the ones you wear and add new ones as you see fit.

Complement Your Skin Tone

This is a good rule for jewelry in general, but you want pieces that are going to complement your skin tone. If you don’t wear much in the way of jewelry, finding one ring that you love that complements your skin tone is the way to go. From there, you can buy pieces that complement that ring and easily wear multiple rings that suit you.

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Give Yourself Some Options

This is higher-level stuff, in fairness. Once you’re comfortable with multiple rings, get a few sets in different colors, styles or formality levels. From there, you’ll have plenty of rings you can mix and match to complement a range of outfits.

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Just Go for It

Fashion favors the bold, as the saying goes. Technically, it was fortune, not fashion, but someone probably said that, too. Take a big swing at it and see how it works for you. The nice thing about buying multiple rings is that you don’t have to wear them all at once. 

Even if you choose a set of stackable bands, they look good on their own. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just go out there and give it a try!