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Why You Should Take an Engagement-Moon

Getting engaged is a blissful experience.

That is, until you start planning for your wedding, receive a million questions from your friends, family, and vendors, and the countdown to the big day begins ticking. Wait a minute, I thought getting engaged was supposed to

It is! But it can also be extremely stressful. That’s why Modern Gents is a big believer in the newest trend: the engagement-moon! What is that, exactly?


\en·gage·ment ·moon\

a honeymoon-style vacation trip that you and your sweetheart take before your wedding!

Couple relaxing in chairs outside

While some couples opt to take this special trip right after the question is popped, others prefer taking it closer to the big day to relieve themselves of the stress and tension that comes with wedding planning. If you do choose to take your engagement-moon closer to your wedding, we recommend doing so when there’s a lull in planning (post-major decisions and when there aren’t any meetings you have to make).

The point of taking an engagement-moon is to take a breather and bask in each other’s company. It’s to remind the two of you why you’re choosing to make this commitment, reconnect, and relish in one another’s love. Sometimes wedding planning can be such a stressful experience that it puts couples through the ultimate test! An engagement-moon is the perfect restart point.

Couple standing and talking with wine glasses in hand

The most important part of this trip is not talking about the wedding. You’ll have plenty of time to do that after–and who wants to spend their vacation arguing over seating charts and appetizers?

Remember that an engagement-moon doesn’t have to be grand or expensive either! We recommend saving that for the actual honeymoon. A weekend at a beautiful resort in the next city over will totally suffice! All that matters is the quality time the two of you will have alone.

Woman in pink wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

If this is one trend you’re on board for, here’s another!

Many couples are opting for inexpensive and affordable engagement rings and wedding bands instead of spending thousands of dollars. The money you save on rings can be put towards the engagement-moon, wedding, honeymoon, or even your future house and family! Check out the full collection at Modern Gents here.

Woman touching hat with The Scarlett on her ring finger

Ring: The Scarlett

Happy travels! 💕✈️