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How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: rain on the wedding day.

Funnily enough, rain is actually said to be a good sign on your wedding day, but you probably won’t be thinking about that when your dress is soaked and your ceremony is put on pause. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for clear skies, prepare for the possibility of rain on your wedding day, especially if your date is set for the rainy season, with these tips:

1. Develop a Rainy Day Plan

You should have two different plans for your wedding day if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony: one for clear skies, and one for rain. The rain plan should take into account where to move the ceremony, who is in charge of bringing in the chairs and decorations, who will guide the guests to the new location, etc. If you know exactly what needs to be done in the event there’s rain, you’ll take a good portion of the stress out.

Bride and groom kissing in the rain

2. Choose Your Venue (Carefully)

Choose a venue you love, of course, but keep rain in mind. If your venue only offers outdoor space and there’s nowhere for you and your guests to go to escape a downpour, ask about tent rentals and alternatives. Also find out if the venue itself has a rainy day plan that it can execute for you should the need arise. If you can book an indoor area for the reception that can double as the ceremony venue in a pinch, see if the venue’s staff will be able to make the swap for you. This way someone else will be in charge of reorganizing and you can focus on your guests.

Bride and groom holding a sheet over their heads

3. Rent Your Tents – Early

If you can’t get an indoor area or you’re adamant about holding your ceremony outside even in the rain, tents should be your go-to. Make sure to rent yours early during peak wedding (and rainy) season, since others will likely have the same idea and you definitely don’t want to be caught at the last minute with no plans for shelter.

The Titan and The Evermore set

Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

4. Think About Footwear

Your rainy day backup plan should also include alternative footwear. You don’t want to be running across a soggy lawn in your heels. Have one of your bridesmaids hold onto a pair of flats or sneakers for you so that you can quickly change and get where you need to go in a hurry. You might also consider choosing a venue that has paths to make it easier for everyone to get indoors without tromping through mud.

Bride and groom shoes and heels

5. Have a Plan for Your Guests

Depending on how quickly you can move indoors if a downpour starts, you might have a lot of grumpy, shivering guests on your hands. Have towels, plastic ponchos, hot drinks, and heaters ready to go. If you’re moving under tents and the weather turns colder, provide blankets and wraps as well. It’s entirely possible to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere for your guests despite the rain!

Bride and groom posing under umbrella

6. Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

The best way to prepare is to avoid being caught off guard. Know in advance how likely rain is leading up to your wedding day. In the months before the date you might only be able to guess, but when you’re only a week or a few days away, you can begin to implement your rainy day plan if it looks like the weather is turning sour. Even if the forecast is sunny, hold onto your backup plan, just in case.

The Hammer and The Daisy

Rings: The Hammer, The Daisy

7. Check in with Your Photographer

If your photographer is prepared for outdoor shooting but you suddenly have to move indoors, they might need to adjust their plan or bring different equipment. Talk to them beforehand about what they’ll need should it start raining, and let them know what your rainy day plan is so they can do what they need to do to prepare.

Bride and groom kissing

8. Roll with the Punches

The most important thing to do to prepare for rain is to relax, let go, and let whatever happens happen! We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we handle what mother nature throws at us. Instead of panicking about the possibility of rain or stressing over what may or may not happen, put your plan in place and then walk away. If it doesn’t rain, you’ll have a beautiful, memorable wedding. If it does rain, you’ll still have a beautiful wedding, and it might even be more memorable for the adventure it brings.

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