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Ring shoppers steel themselves to ask some pretty big, life-changing questions, often of the “Will you marry me?” variety. But they sometimes seem reluctant to tackle some more basic queries like “But what is rose gold, exactly?” Don’t stress, shoppers, because we’ve got the answer.

The Short and Sweet: What Is Rose Gold

In short, rose gold is a blend (alloy) of 24-karat yellow gold, copper and silver, which together creates a pinkish hue. Yellow gold is also an alloy made of 24-karat yellow gold, copper and silver, but it has less copper to maintain the classic gold or yellow hue. Rose gold has become uber-popular in the past decade or so, thanks, in part, to tastemakers like Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad and Julianne Hough.

Rose gold came into popularity in the early 19th century in Russia. This is actually why it has the nickname “Russian gold.” At first, it wasn’t for rings, though. It was actually for Faberge eggs, named for jeweler Carl Faberge who used rose gold for the eggs and is credited with rose gold’s surge in popularity.

Rose gold engagement rings have become a popular choice due to their alluring luster and their ability to look great on a variety of skin tones and undertones. If you’re considering a rose gold ring, you’re definitely considering a fabulous option!

How Is Rose Gold Made?

Jewelry wrought in that lovely blush-pink hue catches the eye at every turn. But even as admiring crowds gather ‘round display cases gleaming with rose gold wedding rings, there’s clearly some internal speculation about rose gold’s arrival on the scene. Nobody seems to be able to recall that shade of metal from movies featuring prospectors or museum exhibits on the Yukon Trail. Was there a recent discovery of some rose gold mine that everybody missed because they were too busy shouting at each other on social media?

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Anyone toting a pickaxe to an abandoned California mineshaft dreaming of pure rose gold nuggets is doomed to disappointment. Rose gold gets its coloring from the copper alloys that help strengthen it. Almost all gold jewelry uses metal alloys like silver, copper, zinc or nickel. The timeless beauty of gold just does better when it can borrow from other metals for durability. 

An 18-karat yellow gold ring, for example, might be 75 percent gold, 12.5 percent copper and 12.5 percent silver, while an 18-karat rose gold ring might be 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper. Both of these 18-karat rings are going to be more affordable than a similar 24-karat ring made out of pure gold, and they are also less likely to get bent out of shape. 

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It’s not really a new trick. Like we mentioned above, Carl Faberge incorporated rose gold into some of the fabulous eggs he made for Russian nobility in the 19th century. And recently discovered Nahuange artifacts even suggest that rose gold was in vogue with ancient Colombians

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So whatever your personal preference, you can’t go wrong when adding rose gold pieces to your jewelry collection.

Still have some lingering questions? Don’t worry, we include a list of answers below to some more sensible questions that often don’t get asked.

Do Men Wear Rose Gold Rings?

Yes, they sure do. In fact, one of the most famous rings of the 20th century was the Trinity Ring, commissioned by French novelist Jean Cocteau in 1924. Interweaving strands of yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, Cocteau wore it on his pinky finger until his death three decades later. 

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The rose gold men’s wedding band continues to reach unprecedented heights of popularity. Some men like that it matches their partner’s ring. Others like the affordability of the mixture, especially since wedding bands for men often use more material than those designed for women. Men who work with their hands appreciate the fact that rose gold requires less maintenance than something made of white gold

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What’s the Deal with White Gold?

Like rose gold and yellow gold, white gold adds alloys into the mix — usually silver, palladium and nickel. Because those metals can be more valuable than copper, which features heavily in yellow gold and rose gold, white gold can carry a heftier price tag. White gold is frequently plated with rhodium, a precious metal akin to platinum, to acquire the silvery-white sheen.

Are There Different Variations of Rose Gold Jewelry?

Yes, some other variations include red gold and pink gold. A general rule of thumb to follow is that higher copper content equates to a redder or more pinkish gold. Pink gold occurs when an appreciable amount of silver joins the blend. Crown gold represents the closest point to pure gold on the rose spectrum, weighing in at 22 karats.

How Will Rose Gold Rings Hold Up?

Our rose gold rings are of high quality and handcrafted. No one should begin married life mired in unnecessary debt, but that doesn’t mean they need to settle for costume jewelry or something that turns the wearer’s finger green. 

Which Type of Gold Is Most Durable?

This one might surprise you, but it’s actually rose gold. Yeah, we get it. It doesn’t exactly leap to the forefront of your mind when you think of a durable ring, but looks can be deceiving. In short, the less gold, the more durable. This is why 10-karat is more durable than 14-karat or 18-karat gold. The less “pure” the gold, the more durable it is. Gold in its purest form is incredibly fragile comparatively and can be easily bent. Yeah, 24-karat gold looks awesome, but it really isn’t going to hold up to everyday wear as well as rose gold or 10-karat

What About Ring Allergies?

Well, gold allergies, in general, aren’t particularly common, though they do exist. If you have a gold allergy, you may wonder if you can wear rose gold without issue. Unfortunately, rose gold still contains enough gold to set off certain allergic reactions. Your mileage may vary, though, so it’s always best to just consult your doctor or allergist and get a second opinion.

Much of the time, gold isn’t the issue. It’s actually an allergy to nickel or some other type of metal like that. The good news is that a high-quality rose gold ring will not have any nickel in it, so you can wear it with confidence. Modern Gents’ rose gold rings are coated with rhodium plating, so they are nickel-free and perfect for people with skin sensitivities.

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