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Skip These Wedding Details (Your Guests Won’t Even Notice!)

There are so many wedding details to keep in mind when planning your big day.

At times, it’s all too easy to lose track of what you really need. Some of these minute details can even cost you a huge chunk of change! While each couple will have to decide what they will and won’t have on their big day, there are some aspects that won’t be noticed by guests. Keep reading to find out five details that can be easily left out on your wedding day that will ultimately save you money.

Wedding Invitations

  • Skip: Extravagant invitations. Although your invites are one of the first things you guests will receive, they typically end up in the trash not soon after. You might keep your copy forever, but your guests definitely won’t. All it needs is the necessary information.
  • Solution: Pick a simple design that you like and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, and don’t worry too much about what your guests think. If you're willing to cut out paper completely, opt for sending out online invitations. Not only will you save a huge amount of money, but you'll be saving the trees as well!
Wedding invitations


  • Skip: Huge, excessive centerpieces. While they look great in photos, they’re not so great for guests at the table. They’ll be forced to try and talk around this profound centerpiece, and they won’t appreciate its beauty.
  • Solution: Skip the expensive centerpiece and opt for a simple arrangement of flowers or greenery, or even some beautiful tiny candles that will add the right amount of ambience to the table. Remember, when in doubt – keep it simple!
Wedding dining table on beach

Party Favors

  • Skip: Useless party favors. Favors are often the least important part of your wedding day. Many people may leave before they are even brought out, leaving you with excess. You might end up donating them or simply handing them out to whoever will take them. And let's be honest...nobody wants hand towels that have your wedding date embroidered on them.
  • Solution: Opt for something small and edible, like chocolates or candies that they can eat on the drive home. Everyone always appreciates yummy treats! If you want to do something besides food, consider having a florist at your wedding who can section off your wedding flowers and hand them out in a beautiful reusable vase instead.
Individually boxed donuts

Wedding Programs

  • Skip: Wedding programs. These often have the same fate as wedding invites. The programs can be useful to explain any traditions, but your guests will likely ditch them the first chance they get.
  • Solution: Drop the wedding programs and opt for announcements to explain traditions and rituals, or have a large print out that guests can skim over when they first enter the venue.
Book titled "Love Story"


  • Skip: Top-shelf alcohol. Many couples planning a wedding are shocked at the cost of alcohol. It can add up quickly if your wedding guest list is quite large. Instead of springing for the most expensive alcohol, just make sure you have enough.
  • Solution: Choose affordable options, and after their second or third glass, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. Another way to save money is to either have 2 or 3 house cocktails, or simply stick to beer & wine and skip liquor altogether!
Bar at wedding

The ultimate tip for saving money:

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