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About Our Rings

Will your rings turn my finger green?

What are the stones made of?

Why are your prices so low? Are the rings real? Are you a legit company?

I don’t know my ring size, what do I do?

The ring I want is out of stock, when will you be getting more?

Do your rings have a warranty?

What does your warranty cover?

Can you engrave these rings?

Do you do custom rings?

How do I clean and care for my ring?


Can I return my ring or exchange it for a different size or style?

I received my ring and it’s damaged, what do I do?

I’ve been wearing my ring and a stone fell out, what do I do?


Where do you ship from?

How long does shipping take?

My shipment is delayed, what do I do?

I got an email that my package was delivered but I haven’t received it yet. What do I do?