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10 Creative Proposal Ideas

Planning The Perfect Proposal?

Have you ever thought about proposing to that special someone in your life? Or even wonder how you do it when the time comes?

I know as someone that plans to pop the question to my longtime sweetheart, the thought of this can be pretty intimidating at times. Understandably, I don’t feel like I am the only groom-to-be that worries whether his proposal is going to be anything short of perfect for his significant other.

For that reason, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some thoughtful and creative proposal ideas that individuals like myself can use to help think of the most memorable proposal for their brides-to-be.


Here's our list of 10 Super Epic and Thoughtful Wedding Proposals

Feel free to curl up by the fire and snack on some popcorn while watching these (hopefully they give you some inspiration)! 


10. A Private Film Screening

This gent surprised his lady with a picnic on the beach and showed her an awesome film that led to a big surprise! Even without the film, a simple yet elegant picnic proposal overlooking the ocean is perfect for ladies that enjoy beautiful landscapes and natural environments.


9. A Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing better than a good surprise! This gent had his lady dress for a photoshoot that never happened. Instead she was guided through a series of heartfelt messages left by her significant other to a surprise engagement party where she was greeted with him, some romantic music and some close family and friends.


8. An Airport Musical

This one is for all the musically talented gents out there. Ladies love a guy that can sing! If you know how to sing or play an instrument, you should definitely use those talents to make your proposal that much better. This proposal is probably one of my personal favorites, too bad I can’t sing for the life of me!


7. It's All in The Details 

If your lady likes small but genuine gestures that really show her you care, then this proposal may be ideal for you. This young gent takes his lady to dinner to pop the big question, but rather than doing anything extravagant, he chooses to focus on smaller details like playing their favorite song, putting a letter in the bread where he knew she’d grab it, and surprising her with her family to make this proposal that much more special to her.


6. A Surprise at The Mall

Have you ever wanted to let the world know how much you love your lady? This creative proposal idea doesn’t do just that, but it’s arguably the next best thing! This gentlemen surprised his wife into thinking that she was going to a charity event at the mall but instead was greeted with music and welcoming family and strangers as she made her way through the mall and to her man. She was met with heartfelt cards that expressed his love for her and then was hit with the big question.


5. A Sneaky Music Video

Here’s another one for you musically talented guys out there, although this idea can be great even if you aren’t someone who sounds like Bruno Mars. This guy made a song/video for his future bride that expressed how much he loved her through his song. What made it even more charming, is he had family member pass an “invisible” engagement ring from one another until it landed in his hand, where he then got on his knee for the big moment.


4. You Jump. I Jump

Trying to knock out two birds with one stone? This birthday gift/wedding proposal does both, without sacrificing the thoughtfulness or quality of either. This young gent put his fears aside for his significant other and went skydiving for her birthday, then popped the big question after making the biggest jump of his life.


3. They Always Knew

This one is for all the couple who have always known they were meant for each other. This young gent turned a predictable proposal into a pretty breathtaking moment when he turned the last letter of “we always knew” to the beginning of “Will you marry me”.


2. Making The Movies Jealous

 This proposal definitely took some time and thought, but can you really blame a guy for going above and beyond the love of his life? Other than making the rest of us look bad, there’s not really much else to be mad at. This young gent made a mini film that played in the theatre before the movie began and featured himself asking his now father-in-law for his blessing to marry his daughter.


1. A Rolling Flash Mob

Last but not least… What’s a list of creative proposal ideas without there being a flash mob proposal in it? I think this one stood out from the countless others simply because rather than relying on professionals to dance and choreograph the whole thing, he had family and friends do it. This made the proposal that much more heartfelt, more creative, and memorable for sure!


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