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4 Engagement Ring Myths – Busted!


People have been breaking free of wedding traditions all around the world.

Elopements are all the rage, cakes have been traded in for donuts and the sit-down reception has been swapped out for food trucks. However, one tradition that reigns supreme is all the pressure surrounding the engagement ring. Along with this come all the common myths about what an engagement ring should be and how much it should cost. We’re busting a hole in four engagement ring myths that should be kicked to the curb for your proposal.  

Myth #1: Surprise or Bust

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Ring:  The Rose

While surprises are incredibly romantic, the proposal doesn’t have to come as a complete surprise. Contrary to popular belief, most partners won’t know their significant other’s perfect engagement ring before discussing it. Engagement ring shopping without taking your partner’s personal preference into account is the last thing they want. Rather than going in blind, take some time to discuss what their ideal ring would look like. Find out what jewelers and styles they like. Do they love the look of a princess cut engagement ring? Are they a fan of rose gold or yellow gold? Skip the surprise factor, and you’ll make the ring shopping process easier for everyone.

Myth #2: The Three-Month Rule

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Ring:  The Lovely

We’ve all heard this myth before. People have been conditioned to believe that the ring should be three months’ salary (thanks to the marketing team at De Beers.) There is no set amount that a couple needs to spend on a ring. It’s simply a symbol of your love, and there’s no reason to go into debt over it. Trust us, there’s just no reason to put that financial strain on a relationship all because you want to count carats.

Many couples decide on simpler engagement rings and wedding bands and then upgrade as time goes by. Remember that what’s most important is that you start your wedding off on the right foot, so don’t worry about what people think! At the end of the day, buy the ring that’s right for you! If you're still skeptical, check out some of these affordable engagement rings!

Myth #3: You Have to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

inexpensive affordable round cut halo gemstone pink sapphire engagement ring wedding conflict free

Ring:  The Halo - Pink Sapphire

While we love a good diamond, it’s not the only option for an engagement ring. Couples looking for a more ethical option have looked into lab-made diamonds like The Meadow. Even if the cost of diamonds isn’t a deal-breaker for you, the ethics of it are really cloudy at best. You really need to delve into the weeds if you want to know which diamonds are properly conflict-free and you’ll have enough on your hands if you’re talking about getting married as it is. There are just so many alternatives, especially in the realm of lab-grown diamonds.

Gemstones also give diamonds a run for their money as the center stone. More brides are turning to gemstones as they want a piece of jewelry that stands out from the crowd. These stones come in a variety of colors, each with its distinctive meaning. Leave tradition behind and give her a ring that shows her what she means to you.

Myth #4: Solo Ring Shopping

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Ring:  The Cambria

Hollywood instilled in us the idea that men will just walk into a jewelry store by themselves, pick out the perfect ring in 30 minutes or less and then propose with no problems. The truth is, this is a common misconception, and this doesn’t always happen. If it did, all those movies would just be documentaries and the rom-com industry would probably stop being inundated with Hallmark movies.

Most women prefer to be part of the ring shopping process to make sure that their future husband is at least headed in the right direction. While he thinks he may know your personal style, rings often look different online than they do in person. Or you might not like the way it looks on your ring finger. Either way, ring shopping together ensures you can get the perfect ring for her. 

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