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4 Facts You Need to Know About Wood Wedding Rings

The first wedding rings in Ancient Egypt were made with braided reeds. The tradition has evolved over the years and rings now come in every material, size, style, and color under the sun. Sure, gold and silver are the most common, but wood wedding rings are a unique option as well. If you’re considering wood wedding rings for your nuptials, here are four facts you need to know.


There Are 2 Types of Wood Wedding Rings

First, it’s essential to understand the difference between a wood inlay ring and a bentwood ring. A wood inlay ring is two-toned because it’s made with wood set into a metal band. Bentwood rings, on the other hand, are made of 100% wood with multiple thin strips bent into a circle and sanded together.


Wood Wedding Rings are Hypoallergenic

Bentwood rings are made entirely out of wood so they’re hypoallergenic and perfect for people with metal allergies. Just be aware that wood inlay rings do contain materials like gold, silver, or stainless steel, so it’s important to make sure you don’t have an allergy to the paired metal before you order one.


Wood Wedding Rings are Waterproof

Wood inlay wedding rings are water sealed and supremely durable against water damage. In the past, wooden rings needed regular upkeep and maintenance to prevent water damage but that’s no longer the case. Both of our wood inlay wedding rings here at Modern Gents are waterproof and come with “a lifetime of no worries.”


Wood Wedding Rings Can’t Be Resized

Bentwood rings and wood inlay rings can’t be resized like their metal counterparts because the material is just not as malleable. If you decide to order a wood wedding ring, measure your finger carefully - at multiple times of the day - to ensure the ring will fit despite small fluctuations. 

Keep These 4 Facts in Mind When Ordering a Wood Wedding Ring

Wood rings are a great choice because they’re environmentally friendly, affordable, and rooted (get it?) in symbolism. Still, it’s important to learn more about this unique material before you buy. Bentwood and wood inlay wedding rings are made with different materials, so bentwood rings are hypoallergenic while wood inlay rings are 100% waterproof. Whichever type you choose, make sure you measure your finger carefully before ordering because both styles can’t be resized.

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