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4 Reasons to Propose with Gemstones

The time has come for you to propose to the love of your life, and you have to make the long-awaited decision. What ring will you buy? As the saying goes, “Diamonds (or simulated diamonds) are a girl’s best friend,” but is that still true? We are in 2023, after all. Here at Modern Gents, we think it’s high time that gemstones stepped into the limelight. With that in mind, here are four reasons why you should propose with a gemstone engagement ring.

1. The Combinations Are Endless

With gemstones, every ring has its own unique personality. Diamonds can be mixed and matched in, or the gemstone can be left alone to shine on its own. Every gem has its own story, where it came from and what it means. What’s more romantic than proposing with a stone that represents endless happiness and love? With Sapphire guaranteeing a healthy, balanced relationship, why not take a look at our Halo - Pink Sapphire ring

2. Affordability

While diamonds can often break the bank, gemstones are a popular choice for our couples who are on a budget. Opal engagement rings may be a great choice. At times, opal can even have more intense colors than those found in a diamond. Not only this, but with these bright colors, she’s bound to stand out with an eye-stopping ring. Our hand-crafted Halo - Opal ring made with a sterling silver band would be a perfect choice!

3. The Meaning and Story of Precious Gemstones

If you remember our earlier article on the six colored gemstones and their meanings, then you know that each gemstone has a rich story and background. These stones can be collected from all over the world, and having a ring on your finger that has come such a long way is a privilege in itself. Some gems were worn by royalty, others were even believed to come from gods. Why not get the girl of your dreams a ring fit for a queen? You’ll never regret it.

4. Individualistic

With millennials moving farther and farther away from societal norms, gemstones and unique engagement rings are on the rise. Why have the same ring as everyone else when you could have a bright ruby or emerald on your finger? Gemstones are daring — perfect for the girl who chooses to swim against the tide. This beautiful emerald engagement ring is just begging to be shown off to all your friends!

How to Choose a Gemstone Engagement Ring

When the process isn’t the classic go to a jeweler, purchase a diamond halo and leave, things can seem a little more complex. While the process isn’t any more complex, per se, the options are definitely more numerous (and that’s a good thing)! Below we’ve broken down factors to consider when choosing a gemstone engagement ring.


This is a classic gemstone ring choice. If you don’t know what birthstone goes to the month you or your significant other was born, that’s a fun fact you can now have. There are some great birthstones out there, so even if you choose garnet and weren’t actually born in January, we won’t tell anyone.

What Flatters You?

While it would be entertaining and possibly motivating for your ring to give you a pep talk throughout your day, we more so mean knowing your skin’s undertones and what suits you there. You want to keep the wearer in mind when choosing your gemstone (obvious, but just in case). For example, people with cooler undertones in their skin are going to look best in blues, greens and purples. So, they could consider blue sapphire, amethyst or aquamarine engagement rings. You get the gist. 

If you aren’t sure what works for you, look up which colors go well with your skin’s tone and undertones. With so many different colors of gemstones out there, it’s easy to find something that works well for you.


Just like yellow gold is softer than rose gold or white gold, so too are some gems more durable than others. Many gems are around a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is generally considered the minimum durability for a gemstone to be in a ring. 

Precious stones, in general, are durable, but some are going to be more durable than others. It comes as no surprise that diamonds are at the top of the Mohs scale, but sapphire, topaz and garnet all score quite high on the scale as well.

Of course, diamonds (and simulated diamonds) are always a classic choice for engagement and wedding rings. The diamond engagement ring isn’t going anywhere — and that’s fine. However, if you’re thinking about something a little more unique with meaning, why not choose a gemstone? The rest of your life with your significant other will be off to a very beautiful, romantic start.

Just Pick One You Know You’ll Love

It sounds oversimplified and obvious, but sometimes that’s just the best answer. Do you like how ruby engagement rings look? Choose that one. Now, you should probably keep skin tones and which colors flatter them in mind, so maybe don’t take carte blanche here, but it’s perfectly fine just to pick the one you think looks the best. If there’s no special meaning to the moonstone or topaz engagement ring you chose, you two can make one!