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5 Ideas to Get Engraved on Your Wedding Ring Set

A wedding ring set for you and your spouse is oh-so-romantic. 💕

Matching metals and styles tell the world you’re together forever, but you can also personalize your rings with engravings. This customization is budget-friendly and a special note just for you two to know. If you’re not sure what to choose, consider engraving these five messages on your matching wedding bands!

First Dance Lyrics

bride and groom first dance

You picked the song because it meant something, so you may want to engrave it on your bands as well. Get matching lyrics inside or split a special phrase between the two rings so one completes the other’s sentence.

Your Wedding Date

wedding sign

Image Credit: Pinterest

It’s the day you finally shared your vows and exchanged your rings, so why not engrave the date inside? You can either write it out completely or simply engrave the numbers instead.

Your Initials

engraved heart-shaped lock

Remember when you were a kid and doodled your crush’s initials in your notebook? This is kind of like that, but just a little more permanent. There are plenty of ways to customize your initials inside a his and hers wedding band set. Get your partner’s engraved inside, or get them both with a word like “forever” or “always” inscribed as well. 

Short Phrases of Quotes


Just like the first dance lyrics, you can get any short phrase that’s meaningful to both of you. Keep it simple with a classic “I love you” or customize it to any notable expression. The exact length of the phrase depends on your ring size, but a typical ring can fit around 30 characters.  

GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates arm tattoo

Think of all the meaningful places in your relationship: where you met, where he proposed, where you’re getting married, etc. Engraving the GPS coordinates of these special spots is a romantic way to customize his and hers wedding ring sets. 

Personalize Your Wedding Bands With Custom Engraving

Shop the affordable his and hers wedding bands from Modern Gents to find the perfect matching bands for your big day. Then - with the money you save from our incredibly low prices, customize your rings with an engraving from your local jeweler! Whether you choose lyrics, GPS coordinates, your wedding date, your initials, or any special phrase, your Modern Gents wedding bands will be even more beautiful with a meaningful message engraved inside. 🖋💘