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5 Simple Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Your friends’ involvement in your wedding is a big deal.


As groomsmen, they’re committing their own time and energy to support you on your big day – not to mention all the prep work they’re involved with beforehand, from helping you pick the perfect ring to planning the bachelor party. Of course, you’re grateful, but it’s always nice to gift a token of your appreciation to each of your buddies to show how thankful you truly are.

But how do you know what to get them? How do you choose something that everyone will like? Today, we’ll run down a list of five practical groomsmen gift ideas that are sure to be huge hits!

New Ties

groom and groomsmen

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Okay, so this one might be a little self-serving, especially if you and your bride are hoping for a cohesive color scheme across the board. But gifting matching ties to each of your groomsmen can save your friends a chunk of change and give them a new tie to add to their rotation. And who’s really going to complain about a free tie?

Monogrammed Cufflinks

man wearing suit

Or just sets of nice cufflinks if you don’t want to go the engraving route! Again, if you’re going for a particular aesthetic for the big day, gifting cufflinks can be an easy way to save your friends some money and give them something to add to their formal-wear collection.

Stylish Flasks

These can be monogrammed, too, if you want to personalize the gift a bit more. You may have an open bar at your reception, but you never know when your groomsmen may need to carry some liquid courage with them. A good quality flask is a gift that’s sure to get some good use!

Monogrammed Beer Steins

groomsmen toasting beers

The personal touch on these ones are sure to impress. What man doesn’t want a beer mug with his name on it? It’s a classic gift, but your friends will love them and get a lot of use out of them. They’re also perfect for kicking off a bachelor party (hint, hint!). If you want to go for something a bit different, consider a whisky tumbler or decanter.

Coffee Sampler Boxes

pouring coffee into mug

We all run on coffee, right? It’s the American way. So supply your groomsmen with some new blends! It’ll help them perk up after all the wedding day fun, and you may even introduce them to their new favorite cup of joe. 

Groomsmen gifts don’t have to be huge. You don’t have to go over the top to wow your friends. They are simply gestures that say, “Thank you for sharing my special day with me”. They can be wedding themed like ties or cufflinks, or geared towards your friends’ interests, like beer steins or coffee samplers. Just take some time to think about the kinds of things your friends like! The answer will probably jump at you. 🍻