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Christmas Proposals

There’s no time of year more perfect to pop the question than the holiday season. There’s just something about the festive mood, the Christmas lights, the love in the air. It’s loaded with sweet, romantic moments that make an excellent backdrop for your holiday marriage proposal. However, if you’re still feeling a little stuck, here are our favorite ideas for ways to propose for Christmas. Pick your favorite and just ask her already! The perfect time waits for no man.

Surprise Her with a Gift

Try wrapping and hiding the ring beneath the tree mixed in with your other gifts or make it a stocking stuffer. Either way, once she opens it she’ll know exactly what’s happening. Then you can get down on one knee and ask her to be your lady love forever. If you can, let a family member in on the secret so they can film the sweet moment as it unfolds. You’ll want to save that and show the grandchildren someday!

Propose by the Tree

Obviously you can do this at home in front of your own Christmas tree, but how much more exciting is your marriage proposal when it’s made in public, in front of your local Christmas tree in the town square or the mall? Your local Christmas tree is large and beautifully decorated, which makes it the perfect backdrop for asking a woman to marry you. It also makes for great photos so be sure to drag along a friend to play photog and man the camera. 

Blend Your Christmas Proposal with Family Tradition

This can be a really sweet proposing idea for Christmas day or Christmas morning. Maybe your family has an annual family football tradition, or a tree decorating tradition. Maybe it’s a cookie bake-off or a secret Santa tradition. Whatever the tradition is, by incorporating it into your proposal, it only makes the moment all the sweeter. There are a variety of ways to do it, too. If you’re ever in doubt, just enlist the family to help! They’ll get a kick out of being included and your wife-to-be will be touched by your thoughtfulness. 

Make It a Christmas Adventure

Plan the perfect Christmas date with all the classic Christmas activities. You could start with something like breakfast somewhere warm and cozy, followed by a rowdy bout of ice skating. Relax with an afternoon Christmas movie and cook a nice, romantic Christmas dinner together. At the end of the day’s festivities, you can ask the big question and give her the ring.

Include the Fur Baby

If your girlfriend has a fur baby, like a beloved cat or dog for a pet, you could enlist their help in asking for her hand in marriage. Dress up her pet in something cute and festive, like ribbon and antlers, and tie a note to its collar. Ask your lady to check yes or no if she’s willing to marry you. If she checks yes, reward her with breakfast in bed and don’t forget to make a treat for the fur baby too.

Family Christmas Party

If there’s one proposal idea for Christmas that is more popular than all the rest, it’s probably this one. Just about every family everywhere gathers together during the holidays for a Christmas party. While some are bigger than others, no matter the size, a Christmas party is the perfect backdrop to ask a woman to marry you. You are already surrounded by family and friends so it’s just another reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate alongside the feeling of holiday cheer. You can keep everything top secret and surprise everyone in the room, or you can enlist help in pulling off the holiday marriage proposal of a lifetime. Either way, Christmas parties rock as a proposal idea. 

Get Kids Involved

Of course, sometimes the woman you want to marry comes as a package deal with kids of her own. Nothing wrong with that! It’s super special to include them in your marriage proposal idea at Christmas. One way to do that is to dress them up in cute, matching pajamas (with a photog on standby), and have them hold up a sign in front of the Christmas tree asking if your lady love will marry you. If they are old enough to be trusted, you could even let one of them hold the engagement ring and present it to mom. 

There’s no better time to get engaged and there is really no end to marriage proposal ideas for Christmas. It’s just a magical time, a jolly, romantic kind of season. End the year on a high note and start the new year off with a bang. Take advantage and seize the moment. Pop the question. We think your partner will say yes!