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7 Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Fights

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can become very stressful.

To make matters worse, that stress often manifests itself in the form of fights between you and your fiancé/e. Something that is supposed to bring you great joy is suddenly the cause of many disputes. To help keep the peace – and the love – here are 7 tips to avoid wedding planning fights!

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1. Talk about the money with your honey.

One of the biggest causes of wedding fights is money. After all, weddings are usually expensive (even with smaller parties). Some of the things you may fight over are: how much money to spend on decor, food, pictures, and especially on wedding bands. Thankfully, Modern Gents offers affordable and beautiful wedding bands for both men and women that are easy on the eyes and on the budget! Buying affordable wedding rings can help save you money to put toward the rest of your wedding, without compromising on the quality.

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Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

2. Set a date that works for you two.

Setting the wedding date is the first step in wedding planning, and it’s the first thing everyone will ask you about after getting engaged.  But the date can quickly become cause for contention.  You may agree on a date initially, but then realize that the day you chose doesn’t work for one of you.  Or maybe later you realize it’s a relative's birthday that day, and you want the day to be all your own.  Maybe your soon-to-be in-laws don’t like the day you chose. Keep in mind that you won’t please everyone, and try to pick a date that works best for the two of you, then move on.

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3. Location, location, location.

Just like the date of the wedding, the location of the wedding can also become a fight. Maybe you have a location in mind that you love, that your fiancé/e doesn’t. Or the two of you pick a spot, but it’s too far for family to travel to. Sitting down together and ironing out this detail quickly can help keep you from fighting, and it will bring you one step further in the wedding planning process.

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4. Set time limits (and take breaks when needed).

Too much wedding planning can make both of you stressed out and cranky. With so many things to go over and discuss and think about, it's easy to get burnt out quickly and then take it out on each other. To help with this, set time limits for how long you will sit down and plan, and honor the time limit.  You both will be grateful for it later.

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Rings: The Daisy, The Zoey, The Titan

5. Make room for fun!

Just like setting limits is important, it is also important to make time for the two of you to do something fun! Getting out for a date together, or doing something special just the two of you, or even just having a movie night together at home can help remind you of why you are getting married in the first place. Doing fun things together and taking breaks from the wedding planning can help ease tension and help you to come back to planning with excitement.

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6. Keep it about the two of you (aka, the people who the wedding is really for!)

When planning a wedding, you want to try to accommodate as many people as you can. You want a date that works for everyone, a location everyone can get to, food everyone will like, and music everyone can jam to.  However, this can also lead to fights. Your families and friends are important to each of you, and sometimes this turns wedding planning into a “who do we accommodate” contest.  But your wedding is your wedding.  As respectful as you want to be of others wishes, in this case, the only people that matter are the two of you. Remember that this big day is about your marriage, so do your best to be accommodating, but remember who you are really celebrating as you plan.

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7. Compromise, compromise, compromise (and then compromise some more)

Pretty much everyone has heard the saying that marriage is all about compromise, right? Well, this is your chance to put it into practice.  Both of you will have opinions, and no doubt both of you have thought about this day your whole lives.  You will each want different things, and it's important to listen to what you each have to say, and do your best to meet somewhere in the middle with your requests. Keep in mind that you aren’t celebrating just one person, you are celebrating the two of you.  Remember this as you plan, and remember the love the two of you share, because that’s what it's all about.

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