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8 Affordable Ways to Announce Your Engagement: DIY Style

OMG! Congratulations on your engagement!! (Or soon-to-be. It doesn’t hurt to think ahead, right? 😉)

This is the start of many new memories to be made, but can also feel like the beginning of an endless stream of decisions to be made. The first one? How the heck to announce your engagement! We can thank the internet for doing away with the one-size-fits-all, traditional approach of newspaper and print announcements, and giving us creative and affordable ways to spread the news!

Just be sure to tell the following people first and in-person if possible before you begin your digital campaign:

- Your parents
- Your kids/your fiancé’s kids
- Other close relatives including siblings
- Close friends


Enjoy these 8 affordable DIY engagement announcement ideas:


1. Post a Priceless Reaction Shot

family posing for a photo with surprised expressions

Host an intimate dinner to announce your engagement to your closest friends and family (see above), casually gather everyone for a group photo, and right before you take it say, “1, 2, 3, we’re engaged!” to snap the perfect picture of everyone’s reaction. Then, post said picture on social media for even more amusing reactions!

2. Decorate a Mug

mug with script: the future mrs

Image Credit: TheBeardedMugMan

Pen the question, “Does this ring make me look engaged?” on a plain dollar store coffee mug with a sharpie to create your own photo prop. Get crafty with these tips from Craftaholics Anonymous.

3. Spell it Out with a Felt Letter Board

couple holding felt board with date: June 24 2017

Image Credit: Letterboard

Let em’ know you’re “Engaged AF” on Instagram with one of these felt letter boards from Amazon. They come in 10 colors and start at $18.95.

4. Sign It Out

couple behind a sign hanging on a tree

Print out a sign, like this exclusive free printable that says “We Decided on Forever” and snap a picture of yourself holding it up with your sweetheart. 

5. Or Delegate it to Your Dog

golden retriever with a sign hanging from its neck

Let your pet announce your big news with an adorable, “My Humans Are Getting Married” sign or bandana like this one from from Etsy. 

6. Wear Your Heart on Your Shirt

shirt with script: future mrs. johnson

Of course, you could pretend to be all nonchalant about it, and post a pic of yourself lounging in a “Future Mrs.” shirt like this one - also from Etsy.  

7. Scribble it Out with Sidewalk Chalk

colorful chalk

If you’re feeling playful and creative, doodle your declaration on the sidewalk with colorful chalk and pose for a picture with your artwork.

8. Tell Your Story with an Infographic


Is your origin story something out of a romantic comedy? Why not tell it through an infographic? Draft out your story and then use a site like Canva to generate an infographic for free! 

Now, that you have some engagement announcement ideas, it’s time to broadcast your news to the world! Post a pic on Instagram, update your Facebook status, send out an email, or create a wedding website! Just get the word out there somehow so you can bask in your engagement glow! 💍