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There’s no denying that New Year’s Eve is a magical time of year for many people. With all that magic floating around in the air, that makes it the perfect time to pop the big question. After all, if you’re asking someone to marry you and spend the rest of their life with you, what better symbolism than beginning your journey at the start of a fresh, new year, united and ready to take on the world? 

It’s romantic, it’s exciting, and it’s just the start of your forever together. But there are so many proposal ideas! Romantic proposals, cute proposals, quirky proposals. The many ways to propose a marriage offer is enough to make a fella’s head spin. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our most swoon-worthy New Year’s Eve proposal ideas you can steal and make your very own.

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Throw a New Year’s Bash

A New Year’s Eve party is literally the perfect cover to get all your friends and family gathered under one roof, so everyone can be a witness to your grand gesture as you get down on one knee and ask her to be your boo forever. You can get your crew in on it so they can help make the moment extra special, or you solo it for the evening and surprise everyone else, along with your lady. We recommend enlisting at least a few friends or family members, just to ensure that all your plans go smoothly, and your girlfriend doesn’t suspect anything. You can make a super romantic marriage proposal in front of all and sundry and then party the night away in celebration when she says yes to putting a ring on it.

At the Stroke of Midnight 

There isn’t much that’s more romantic than a midnight stroll beneath the stars. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night for a scenic stroll along the beach, or a walk along the waterfront. Or you can take a late night stroll down a country lane, when the moon is high, and the stars are bright. At the stroke of midnight, make your move and ask her to be yours. If you time it right, you can pause somewhere especially beautiful and tell her the many reasons you love her, before swooping in for that New Year’s kiss and asking her to marry you. If you’re out on the town or on a date somewhere crowded, coax her somewhere quiet where you can be alone and use the opportunity to bare your soul and tell her how much you adore her and want to be her husband. Celebrate with a midnight kiss and kick off the New Year ready to begin the rest of your lives together.

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Use Your Local Environment

If you live somewhere really cold, you can go old school and write your big question in the snow or get really creative and build a snowman to help you pop the question. If you live near a beach, write your proposal in the sand! Just make sure it’s not too close to the water, you don’t want it to be erased before she even sees it. If you live in an urban city, why not graffiti the big question on a piece of cardboard, with a special tag that communicates how special she is to you? It really depends on where you live, but there are an infinite number of ways to make a romantic marriage proposal using your local environment to set the stage, or as props for the special moment. Make sure your question is prominent so she can’t miss it and place the engagement ring somewhere strategic that she can’t miss.

Trade New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a time honored tradition that men and women make all over the world at the start of every new year. Why not use that as your opportunity to make your move? Pick somewhere quiet where you can be alone, preferably somewhere romantic and scenic. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it could be over candlelit dessert on your back porch as long as romance is the prevailing vibe. Tell her you’d like to spend some time together and share some New Year’s resolutions. Let her go first so she doesn’t suspect anything and when it’s your turn, you can begin reading your own list, centered entirely on her, how much you love her, will always be there for her, and finally, how you want to spend the rest of your days with her, if she’ll have you. Oh, and don’t forget the ring!

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A “Look Back” Scrapbook

Some men prefer to get a little more creative in their New Year’s Eve proposal. Why not create a scrapbook dedicated to your lady and your relationship? Sort of a “look back” at the last year you’ve spent together, with bits and pieces of special moments you shared, funny memories, and adventures. You can include things like photos, movie ticket stubs, receipts, and other memorable items unique to you. The important thing is that they call to mind something special, whether it’s a shared memory or just communicates something unique that you really love about her. You could even print out things like texts or emails you’ve traded over the years that are particularly special, letters you’ve written each other, and other memorabilia type items that are meaningful to you both. At the end of the scrap book is your New Year’s Eve resolution, to love her always, and your proposal. You can tape the ring to the page too! 

Quiet Date Night

Yes, it’s old school, but this is one of those romantic marriage proposal ideas that never seem to go out of style. You can plan dinner at your favorite restaurant or make a quiet dinner at home and propose there. You can do dinner and a movie, or plan something fun you both like to do, like putt putt golf or bowling. There are no rules other than making sure to be heavy on the romance. If you opt for dinner at home, light some candles, turn down the lights, and play some mood music. If you go bowling or play putt putt, whirl her around in an impromptu slow dance in between games. Even though it’s New Year’s Eve, there’s no law that says a big party is must. A quiet date night gives you both the chance to spend real quality time together and gives you room to set the stage before popping the question. 

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Plan a New Year’s Eve Getaway

It can be a staycation somewhere local, such as a cozy cabin in the woods or a small cottage on the beach. Or you can plan something a little more exotic and ring in the New Year in another country, like Paris or on the beaches of Thailand. Your romantic marriage proposal is the perfect top-off to a weekend full of travel adventures and meaningful alone time. Ring in the New Year in front of toasty fire or gazing at the stars on the balcony of a five star hotel. Use the opportunity and the built-in romance to sweep her off her feet and show her how much you adore her. Then give her a ring and your best proposal. Make it good because you’re playing for keeps!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes the best way to ask a woman to marry you is to go back to the place where it all began. Maybe it’s to the restaurant where you shared your first meal, or the pool where you first got a glimpse of her in a bikini. Maybe it’s the place where you first exchange words of love or maybe it’s the place where you shared your first kiss. Whatever the place you choose, make sure it’s meaningful to you both. Once there, share with her how much you love and adore her, what you remember about that location and moment the most, and once the moment is sweet and mushy, make your New Year’s Eve proposal.

There are so many different ways to make a romantic marriage proposal, it just takes a little forethought and preparation. Since New Year’s Eve is rife with opportunities for romance and adventure, why not use that moment to embark on the journey of a lifetime?