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9 Nontraditional Wedding Dress + Ring Pairings Under $1000

Surprise! Wedding dresses don’t have to be the same cookie-cutter combination of white taffeta, sequins, satin and lace over and over again. You can actually get an original wedding gown and gorgeous ring that fit your unique style and personality for under $1,000! Yes, we mean it! Read on to discover fabulous nontraditional wedding rings and dresses that fit within your budget, so you can look good and feel good on your big day!

Here Are Nine Perfect Pairings That We Love: 

1. Lace Jumpsuit + The Lovely Platinum

The Lovely engagement ring

We think that the combination of a floral ivory lace jumpsuit with a cushion-cut sterling silver ring surrounded in a halo of simulated diamonds is strong, feminine and a little boho. You’re guaranteed to look stunning on your wedding day with this combo!

2. Bardot Wrap Front Midi Dress + The Bliss in Rose Gold

The Bliss rose gold wedding set

Uncomplicated, effortless and endlessly chic, this polished pairing is as refined as you are. The Bardot from ASOS in subdued silver peony will dazzle when you wear it with this teardrop-shaped 2-carat simulated diamond on rose gold half-eternity bands.

3. Short White Dress with Fringe + The Evermore

The Evermore wedding set

Beading not your thing? Opt for fringe! Layers of flirty fringe and a shimmering round-cut stone set in a halo of simulated diamonds make for a fun, dainty pairing. Go for a short fringe dress with a halter neckline and the classic silver half-eternity bands of The Evermore to add elegance.

4. Bodycon Mini Dress + The Halo Opal

Mermaid gowns are so overdone, so why not choose a sleek but elegant bodycon mini dress? If you don’t like the look of a mini dress, try a bodycon midi or tea-length dress instead. To go with your alternative wedding dressThe Halo Opal ring is a novel take on a traditional engagement ring.

5. White Maxi Dress + The Desire

The Desire rose gold band

Perfect for a beach wedding, a white maxi dress is a great bridal dress option for destination weddings. A classic wedding dress with a twist paired with a simple yet charming rose gold half-eternity band is super sweet and ideal for your wedding on the beach!

6. Wrap Dress + The One and Only

The One and Only rose gold

Bold and minimalist at the same time, this stunning combo is fresh and polished. Wrap dresses offer an elegant deep v-neckline, which is perfectly complemented by a 2-carat simulated diamond solitaire on a rose gold band. 

7. Babydoll Dress + The Eternity

The Eternity wedding band

Wearing a babydoll dress with a tulle skirt creates an airy and full-of-life look yet minimal and unassuming. It goes perfectly with the delicate stones of the sterling silver Eternity ring from Mod Gents.

8. Flowy Midi Dress + I Do

The I Do engagement ring

Another graceful gown idea, a flowy midi dress with a satin-faced organza skirt will feel ethereal and perfect for twirling on the dance floor. It’s a great partner for the I Do, which has a simulated diamond center stone that’s complemented by six stones.

9. Colorful Wedding Dress + The Meadow

The Meadow engagement ring

If you want to make a bold statement with your wedding dress, swap out the traditional white gown and go for a colorful wedding dress! Any pastel-colored dress pairs perfectly with The Meadow. With its leafy stones along the side, it is a perfect vintage-inspired accessory for your nontraditional fairytale.

How to Choose the Right Combination for You

Think of the Theme

Is your wedding all neutral tones? Outdoors? Art deco-inspired? Whatever the theme, start from there if you aren’t sure what bridal gown to choose. We aren’t saying you should make a lifelong commitment to your ring or dress based on your wedding’s theme alone. However, the likelihood is that your wedding theme is something you really identify with, so it stands to reason you could choose a wedding dress and ring combination based on it.

Get Inspired

We assume you’ve already scoured the world of Pinterest and Etsy and all that, but maybe give it all a second look. If you’ve been staring at Pinterest forever, maybe do the exact opposite. Take a break and head out into the world. Maybe you’ll see something that strikes you, like a stunning white pantsuit or a two-piece lace dress. Maybe your brain just needs a break from staring at a screen for hours. Maybe it’s both!

Start with the Dress

Of course, if you already have a ring you love, you can start there instead. However, sometimes flipping the process on its head can help you see things more clearly. If you’re going with the standard white wedding dress, this might be more straightforward, but not nearly as fun. Choosing a boho wedding dress? Consider a gemstone ring, mainly with a unique and colorful inlay. Going for a darker bridal look? There are plenty of great black rings out there in tungsten or titanium.

From long-sleeves to strapless and sparkly to simple, however you go about choosing your dress and ring, just make a choice you feel good about. You’re going to get plenty of advice (solicited and otherwise), but sometimes you’ve got to tune it out and make a decision that makes sense to you. After all, your (we assume) well-meaning aunts aren’t the ones getting married, so you’ve gotta make a decision you’re happy with.

We hope our list of nontraditional wedding rings and dresses has inspired the nonconformist, free-spirited, and quirky among you to think outside of the ball gown for an original dress and ring that fits your body and budget perfectly! 👰🏽