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Every loving relationship has its own unique chemistry. So why not incorporate unique elements into the symbols of your love? If you are more of a rustic guy than a jewelry guy, you might be surprised to learn that sterling silver and gold rings aren’t the only materials that you can round up for wedding wear. And even if you are a jewelry guy, the number of style options offered by that wealth of materials and alternative metals can still be overwhelming. 

Why Have an Alternative Wedding Band?

Well, there’s no reason you have to, but there are certainly a few reasons you might want to consider one. One of the biggest driving factors here is the fact that the classics are worn by basically everyone. Look, they’re classics for a reason and they look great. However, if you’re in the market for a unique ring, like a meteorite ring for example, you’re going to need to think outside the box just a bit. 

Beyond uniqueness, allergies are often what drive guys to alternative wedding bands. If you’re seeking comfort, go with a hypoallergenic option. There are several to choose from in the space of alternative wedding bands, so let your creativity run wild here! Of course, if you have really strong allergic reactions to certain precious metals, consult with your allergist before making any ring purchases. However, if you suddenly find your ring doesn’t work for you, our return policy has you covered, so no worries there!

With so many unique wedding bands to choose from, it can seem a Herculean task to find a unique men’s ring for you, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a rundown of alternative wedding bands, and some reasons why you might make each choice.

Wood Rings

Some dudes like wood inlays, while others want to go all in and use a little more of the tree. Using organic material for wedding bands is nothing new. The ancient Egyptians plucked reeds from the banks of the Nile and braided them into marriage tokens thousands of years ago. The Pharaohs were also obsessed with preservation techniques (see: Mummification), so they’d likely be jealous of the way that Modern Gents uses modern technology to craft men’s wood wedding bands that will stand the test of time. 

And unlike the gold treasures long since looted from the pyramids, wood is planted rather than mined. This makes it the kind of renewable resource that is less likely to be caught up in conflict. So if you’re hearing disturbing whispers about the origin stories of other wedding jewelry, the island song of eco-friendly options like The Aloha can be a breath of fresh air.

a man wearing the bourbon wedding band

Featured: The Bourbon

Wood also resonates as a wedding material on account of its individuality. Not only does the life story of each tree put its own particular fingerprint on the grain, but the whiskey barrel siding used in The Bourbon has also soaked up some additional flavor on its way from the lumber yard.

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Silicone Rings

The doctor’s best friend. The mechanic’s go-to. The rock-jock’s climbing buddy. How can the same ring be an ideal fit for so many different sets of hands and sorts of circumstances?  Silicone. There’s a reason that all of our men’s silicone rings have “flex” in the title. Flexibility and a comfort fit are their calling cards. That’s why they are so popular with people who work with their hands or who simply put a premium on comfort.

If you are worried about getting hung up on the hoop in a pickup game of basketball or discovering that you’re allergic to the metal in your wedding ring on your honeymoon, set yourself at ease with The Force Flex ring. If you want rings that you can switch out to match an outfit, or swap in to suit an activity, The UltraFlex has you covered. 

Not only is it a fun, modern look, silicone is easily the most practical of all the alternative wedding rings out there. It has you covered for every second of every day and there’s nothing it stops you from doing. The classic gold wedding band is great, and maybe you want one of those to bring out for special occasions, but the utilitarian nature of the silicone ring is easily undefeated.

The affordable prices mean that you can buy them by the set so that you can alternate as needed. And a good thing, too, because our hands can have so many jobs over the course of a day. We might be changing the oil in our car so that we can drive that special someone to a fancy dinner. Neither is too much of a stretch for silicone.

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Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Seeking an alternative to gold or silver wedding bands doesn’t mean abandoning metal altogether. There are so many cool choices on the market like carbon fiber, black tungsten, stainless steel and even meteorite inlay rings! Those other metallic options aren’t that hard to spot since they’re also in the business of being shiny.

a man wearing the excalibur wedding band in rose gold

Featured: The Excalibur - Rose Gold

For example, if you stick with a shade of gold but want a scratch-resistant material, check out The Excalibur in rose gold. No matter what color you select, you can be sure that our tungsten carbide ring collection will keep their sleek shape and smooth surface.

Rings from our titanium wedding rings collection have a bold look that is hard to miss. Rings like The Titan pull off the trick of looking substantial, but wearing light. You can even find black wedding band options in these alternative metals! For a truly unique look, consider The Valyrian. Made from Damascus steel, it was built tough and durable, just like you.

Of course, there’s a reason that gold and silver (and even rose gold) have had such a successful run. We recognize that, which is why we include them in our collection and back them with a lifetime guarantee.  But we just also wanted to make sure that our quality craftsmanship extended to the other attractive alternatives as well.

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