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Are you looking for the perfect engagement ringwedding band or promise ring for that special someone but you’re confused about how standard ring sizes compare for men and women? Read on to learn more!

As with, well, nearly everything in life, men and women often wear different ring sizes. Jewelry, including rings, is often daintier and more delicate in appearance for women, while men usually prefer jewelry that is bigger and more masculine looking. Most jewelry is designed to fit the form and frame of the wearer to ensure a comfortable fit. Since women are built differently than men, often with smaller hands and fingers, it only makes sense that rings are designed to be smaller, too.

Men vs. Women Ring Sizes

So, are men’s and women’s ring sizes different, or are they the same? The answer is…sort of. At least numerically. There may even be some overlap in sizing for certain women’s and men’s wedding bands or rings, depending on how large their hands are. The major differences between rings for men versus rings for women is less about the numerical size and more about the width and style of the band. Men tend to prefer wider bands to fit larger fingers, so the ring doesn’t look off-balance. Women tend to prefer a narrower band, better suited for smaller fingers. Wide bands tend to look clunky on a woman and may look and feel bulky and inconvenient with everyday activities.

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Common Ring Sizes

Average ring sizes in the U.S. can range from size 3 for women and children, all the way up to size 16 to include men. U.S. sizes are measured in inches. The only major difference in sizes internationally is that they are measured in millimeters. Ring sizing guides and charts can help convert sizes for you when you’re unsure. 

For women, the top-selling ring sizes fall somewhere between a size 6 and a size 8. Women with very small hands and slender fingers may find they have to go below a size 6, but it’s not as common. Sizes below a size 5 may be better suited for children unless it’s a ring designed for a pinky finger or another small finger. This is also true for women with larger bone structure, who may have to try a size 9 or 10, but that’s also not as common.

Men, on the other hand, most often find their correct ring size at around 9 to 11. Some men that are small-framed may find their perfect fit around 8 or under, but it’s not the norm. Most men have larger fingers than women, with larger knuckles. Men with large hands and fingers can wear sizes 12 and up but those sizes aren’t as common and sometimes might have to be specially ordered from the online boutique or jewelry store the ring is being purchased from.

Men and women can both wear half sizes as well. So, if a size 6 ring doesn’t fit quite as well as hoped, a woman could try a size 6.5. Ring sizing is a lot like shoe sizing, with half sizes being quite common. 

Tips for Sizing Right

It’s always a good idea to work with an experienced jeweler when determining your ring size to ensure accurate measurement. They know all the tricks of the trade and can help you more accurately determine your ring size than trying to measure on your own. Also, don’t be afraid of seeing more than one jeweler and making sure they are both giving you similar results. 

Sometimes you might get a jeweler on an off day or end up with one who’s not as experienced. It’s okay to seek a second opinion, especially if you’re not sure if the size is truly accurate. In fact, sometimes it is wisest to seek a second opinion because depending on the type of ring you’re buying, it can be a big investment. Getting the incorrect ring size can be costly.

Water weight fluctuations throughout the day can cause your fingers to shrink and swell, and so can eating certain foods. Weather and activity can also impact your size. When it’s cold, fingers tend to shrink in size. When it’s hot out, or if you just finished doing some kind of strenuous activity, your fingers can swell from the heat and blood pumping close to the surface of the skin. Even the time of day can affect size accuracy. The best time of day to get your ring size is usually in the afternoon or early evening when your finger size is the most stable.

Are There Other Ways to Get Your Ring Size?

You’ve probably heard a myriad of other options for getting the correct measurement of your ring finger (or your loved ones, of course). Let’s get ahead of a few of them:

The Shoe Trick

This doesn’t work. Sorry. There’s no way around it. Look, it just happens to coincide that the average women’s ring size happens to correlate with the average women’s shoe size. Of course, that does mean that using this trick can get you the desired outcome: the ring fits! Make no mistake, though — this is simply coincidence and will not necessarily work, especially if you’re above or below average in shoe or engagement ring size. If you’re a tall pianist, the circumference of your finger is probably disproportionate compared to your shoe size. That doesn’t exclusively apply to pianists, but you get the idea.

Guess From Average

Well, you’re about average height and average shoe size, you probably wear an average ring size, right? Maybe. That’s one way to get the right ring size, but it’s certainly a gamble. Seriously, just consult a ring size chart. Why gamble on the perfect ring size? If you aren’t 100 percent sure on your size, many rings can be modified to a smaller or larger size.

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The String Theory

Okay, technically this one works. You tie a string around your finger and bring that to a jeweler. If you can keep that piece of string perfectly still, sure. You might as well just get a tape measure and guess at that point. That seems like significantly more work than just getting a ring sizer and using that. Plus, there’s no casual way to tie a string around someone else’s finger if you’re trying to surprise them. 

Yes, you lose some of the element of surprise when you go get your ring size measured. However, it’s much better to lose that surprise than to be surprised when your ring doesn’t fit!

So, are men and women ring sizes the same? Not necessarily. But it’s important to note that there can be some overlap when shopping for men’s or women’s wedding bands or rings, so make sure you seek help in finding the perfect size if you’re at all unsure. 

Buying a ring is an investment that you don’t want to take chances with because resizing can be expensive, if not impossible. Better to get it right the first time. If you have any questions about determining your ring size, contact an expert at Modern Gents to get the help you need today!


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